A $30,000 drone for shooting 360-degree video

The aircraft will be launched on the market at a price of $30,000. No further technical details are known at the moment, especially about the cameras

Technology never ceases to amaze, especially when it comes to drones. Varavon, a Korean company specializing in recording instruments, is ready to launch on the market an aircraft capable of 360-degree professional-level filming.

The hexacopter is composed of a three-axis gimbal that allows for all-round coverage of the shooting area. The most important feature of this device is the stabilizer, thanks to which the aircraft can move freely in space and take virtually perfect 360-degree shots. Varavon's drone is particularly suitable in extremely adverse situations where the use of a normal drone would be difficult. A negative aspect, or at least singular, about this jewel of technology is given by the price. In fact, as reported by the website Techcrunch, the hexacopter will cost around $30,000.

It's not the only one

Varavon's drone is not the only aircraft capable of VR video. The company Drone Volt a few months ago unveiled what the company itself calls "the first drone dedicated to virtual reality." Compared to the Korean aircraft, in this case we also know the technical characteristics. Janus 360 can shoot in 4k thanks to its 10 cameras arranged on two axes, has a dual stabilizer and can store up to 150 GB of images and 360° videos. Finally, it is also certified by the French civil aviation.

(opening video taken from YouTube)

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