A “black hole” has been found in the middle of the Pacific Ocean

The web has hatched all sorts of strange theories to explain the Google Maps freeze frame. What is the "black hole" in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

The internet created the case and the internet solved it. Everything comes from a screen, taken directly from the satellite view possible thanks to Google Maps, which has fueled some wacky theories on Reddit, the global forum where users discuss almost everything and that often, in the past, has proved a fertile ground for any kind of discovery or hypothesis wacky.

This time the speculations have started from an isosceles triangle in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, surrounded by a white border. What did Reddit users think this strange composition was? And what did it turn out to be in the end?

Reddit users' theories about the Pacific Ocean's "black hole"

For some, the white border surrounding the entire triangle is the froth of water engulfed by what is an opening within the Pacific Ocean. Where does it lead? Also here the theories, that, it is worth to underline it from now, they do not have any foundation, have been revealed very different. For some it would be an access to the inner part of the Earth, while others have spoken of a strange "black hole", this time not in the literal sense but cosmic, terrestrial.

There are those who have suggested a filter developed by Google to prevent the curious to access the secrets of the Earth. Isn't it strange that the Big Tech gives us the tools to access to eventual sensational secrets and then is forced, it first, to censor the tools that it has made available for free? It's not worth wrapping your head around it, there is very little logic in the interpretations of some users. Others have then identified in the triangle in question the "Bermuda Triangle", an area of the Atlantic Ocean, however, in which there would be mysterious phenomena approached to the paranormal and UFOs.

All these fanciful theories have been fueled by the fact that the image was spread on Reddit without the coordinates.

What is, in fact, the black hole in the Pacific Ocean

The discussion subsided when someone pointed out that it was simply an ugly image of an uninhabited island in the Pacific, the Vostok Island of Kiribati, a country in Oceania, composed of a series of atolls and coral islands.

Less fascinating than a black hole, of course, but infinitely more plausible.

Giuseppe Giordano