A casa tutti bene: everything about Gabriele Muccino’s first series

The TV series directed by Gabriele Muccino will soon debut on Sky and NOW: here's the official date, the full cast and the plot

A casa tutti bene is the first TV series by Gabriele Muccino, who in 2018 had already directed the blockbuster film of the same name. The famous Italian director premiered the series out of competition at the Rome Film Festival, generating enthusiasm from viewers. The show takes up the themes of the feature film, tackling them from a new, more current point of view.

In the cast there is no shortage of some of the Italian actors most loved by the public. From Laura Morante to Francesco Acquaroli, up to Silvia D'Amico and many others: these are just some of the interpreters who will give voice to the families of Ristuccia and Mariani. Alba and Pietro Ristuccia own a restaurant in the heart of Rome. The couple has three children: Carlo, Paolo and Sara. But soon the Marini arrive to ruin the harmony. With his first TV series, Muccino explores the feelings and conflicts of the characters, dealing with family dynamics, which sometimes are salvific but others represent a trap from which it is difficult to escape.

What's it about A casa tutti bene: plot

The all-Italian comedy drama is centered on the events of the Ristuccia family, which for 40 years has run the San Pietro restaurant, located in the heart of Rome. The protagonists are Pietro and Alba, who have three children: Carlo, Sara (who together with their partners help to run the restaurant) and Paolo (who has always worked in France). The latter, after a traumatic divorce, returns to Italy and settles in his parents' house.

A sudden event upsets the family balance: the other branch of the family, the Mariani's, claims a share of the business and threatens the Ristuccia's with the disclosure of their terrible secret. Here begins a series of events that will put a strain on family harmony.

A casa tutti bene: an exceptional cast

A casa tutti bene is a choral TV series, played by a rich and varied cast, including young talents and actors now established in the Italian scene and beyond.

Laura Morante and Francesco Acquaroli play respectively Alba and Pietro Ristuccia, the two protagonists, owners of the San Pietro restaurant, in Rome. They have three children: Carlo, Sara and Paolo, played respectively by Francesco Scianna, Silvia D'Amico and Simone Liberati.

Euridice Axen plays the role of Elettra, Carlo's ex-wife. Together they have a daughter, Luna, played by Sveva Mariani. Luna is linked to Manuel (Francesco Martino), the restaurant chef.

Carlo's current partner is called Ginevra, a role given to Laura Adriani. Antonio Folletto is Diego, Sara's partner. In the cast we also find Federico Ielapi, Maria Chiara Centorami and Mariana Falace.

The plot also sees the arrival of another family, the Mariani. Within it, the audience will meet Paola Sotgiu in the role of Maria Mariani, Pietro's sister and Sandro's mother; next to her we find Riccardo Mariani, played by Valerio Aprea and Alessio Moneta.

In the TV series there will also be the participation of singer Emma Marrone, who plays Luana, Riccardo's partner. Finally, Milena Mancini is Beatrice, Sandro's partner.

When A casa tutti bene comes out: official date

The TV series, consisting of 8 episodes, arrives on Sky and streaming on NOW on December 20, 2021. Gabriele Muccino was also in charge of writing the episodes along with Barbara Petronio, Andrea Nobile, Gabriele Galli, Camilla Buizza. The show is produced by Sky and Marco Belardi for Lotus Production.