A door to health: here is the new anti-Covid turnstile made in Italy

100% Italian, Pass is the technological anti-Covid turnstile that works thanks to Artificial Intelligence

A technological health door able to manage entrances to restaurants and public places in compliance with anti-Covid health standards and measures. This is Pass (Protected Access Security System), an electronic turnstile designed for Phase 2, which was conceived and developed entirely in Italy by the company Protom thanks to the synthesis of Artificial Intelligence, sensoristics and environmental monitoring software.

Mask positioning and temperature control

To be effective, the mask must completely cover the person's mouth and nose. The camera integrated in the Turnstile Pass is able to understand if the mask has been worn correctly or not and then decide whether to allow people to enter.

At the entrance of restaurants and many public places the body temperature is measured, which must not exceed 37.5°. Thanks to Pass sensors, it will now be possible to make the anti Covid turnstile do it, which will act accordingly to enable or not the passage.

Distancing and access control

Social distancing and control of crowding of environments is another very delicate issue to avoid the spread of the epidemic. The Dpcm issued by the Government establish what must be the presences allowed inside the premises. The anti-Covid turnstile does more and is able to guarantee a presence within the allowed and safe limits based on both the size and the ventilation system of the premises.


Inserting the hands inside a box included in the Pass, the hand sanitizer, mandatory in every public place, is automatically dispensed. The turnstile also activates automatic shoe sanitization through UV-C exposure.

Where Pass will be used, the anti-Covid turnstile

Pass can be used at the entrance of stores, restaurants, offices, and institutional locations to comply with governmental requirements, to ensure customer safety, and to help actively counteract the circulation of Coronavirus.

The materials that make up this anti-Covid turnstile allow it to be placed outdoors. In addition, the rechargeable battery and built-in wheels make Pass an easy tool to carry and move around. Smart technology also sends automatic alerts when the disinfectant or battery is about to run out.