A leak in the cover reveals the secret of Fortnite Season 6

The season of Fortnite 6 is just around the corner, an image on PlayStation Store has announced some features that we will find in the game, here are the most interesting

An image, then promptly removed, has shown on PlayStation Store some new elements that we will find in the sixth season of Fortnite. After the news on the skin blade today we discover that there will also be another skin werewolf and that for the first time could appear on Fortnite Pets.

Most likely, in the new season of Fortnite we will also have available pets, such as dogs or cats, which can be helpful in our missions. This is what can be deduced by looking at the image appeared in the PlayStation Store by Epic Games before the launch of Fortnite 6 and then deleted. From the image you can see the new skin Blade for the Battle Pass fee have on his shoulders a dog. In addition to our main characters so now on Fortnite we will also have animals that will help us to perform particular missions. As for the new skins in addition to the already mentioned werewolf and blade are also customizations cowboy for our characters.

The Pet in Fortnite

Many users wonder if the Pet will have a role or not in the battles. That is, if the pets will be a simple aesthetic affectation to make other players understand the progress made in the game or will have specific functions and can attack and inflict damage to the opponent?

The bunker and the purple cube

In addition to new skins and animals, the new season of Fortnite should reveal two clues. One of all the bunker appeared in season 4 and that according to the latest clues may open on Halloween day revealing inside a series of monsters and themed characters for special maps and missions. Epic Games on the other hand always reserves many surprises to gamers for this occasion. What will happen instead with the purple cube that created that sort of lake to be used for time passages and jumps up in the maps. According to some theories, the lake could turn into a volcano, while others say the lake will be upgraded and have new functions.