A new Korean TV series arrives on Netflix: here’s which

A new Korean TV series lands on Netflix, which seems to want to repeat the record-breaking success achieved with the now famous Squid Game. The streaming platform has released the first official trailer for Hellbound, a horror series starring acclaimed zombie-movie director Yeon Sang-ho.

This is a horror TV series based on a webtoon, a comic book designed to be read online, which is very popular in South Korea. The setting of Hellbound is Seoul, where men find themselves having to fight against supernatural creatures that condemn some of them to hell and take them with them. A religious sect will then try to take power, struggling with a group of people who unite to resist the supernatural beings. A plot full of suspense and questions about God and his justice, between the damned destined for the underworld and survivors, which hopes to replicate the record-breaking numbers recorded in the last two months by Squid Game.

Hellbound: the plot

The Hellbound TV series is set Seoul, where otherworldly creatures appear from nowhere and condemn some people to the underworld. Supernatural events escalate in the city to the point of chaos, which leaves the way open for the religious organization New Truth, a sect led by leader and guru Jung Jin-su, to side with the creatures. For the sect, only sinners are damned, and the creatures are the manifestation of divine will that wants to restore mankind to the right path.

Challenging the leader of New Truth is lawyer Min Hye-jin, who believes that these are supernatural events where divine will has nothing to do with them, and who joins those seeking to protect the damned from being condemned to the underworld in order to restore the world to humanity.

Hellbound: the cast

The actors who are part of the cast are well known in the world of Korean drama and among them we find Yoo Ah-in (Chicago Typewriter, Voice of Silence), Park Jeong-min (Bleak Night), Kim Hyun-joo (Glass Slippers), Won Jin-ah (The Age of Shadows) and Yang Ik-june (Breathless).

The director is Yeon Sang-ho, already known for Train to Busan and famous in the zombie-movie genre.

Hellbound: where and when to watch it

The new television series Hellbound will arrive in streaming on the Netflix platform, which has announced the release date with the official trailer with Italian subtitles.

To watch the 6 episodes of Hellbound you will have to wait until November 19.