Acer Holo 360 and Vision 360, the cameras for 360-degree videos

announced at IFA 2017 in Berlin, these are two cameras with really interesting features and aimed at two different audiences

Acer presents two new cameras to make 360-degree videos. The Taiwanese company has taken advantage of IFA 2017, the international event dedicated to consumer electronics, which will officially start on September 1 in Berlin, to launch the two devices: the Holo360 and the Vision360.

These are two cameras with really interesting features and intended for two different types of audience. While the first, the Holo360, could attract a varied "audience", the Vision 360 is designed to be used mainly by drivers. For Acer, these are two devices that will fit into a sector, that of 360-degree video, which is clearly growing and will be used by an increasing number of users in the coming years. For the moment the number of cameras for 360-degree videos is not very high and Acer tries with the two new devices to anticipate the competition.

Features Holo360

We start however giving some information on the technical characteristics of the Holo360. The camera is equipped with LTE internet connection and mounts Android 7.1 on board. Acer's device integrates a 3-inch screen, useful for editing and sharing images directly from the camera. The Holo 360 runs on the Snapdragon 625, an SoC produced by the American company Qualcomm. The camera's resolution is also excellent, capable of capturing images in 6.9K and recording videos in 4K.

Vision360 features

Now let's move on to the Vision360, the 360-degree camera for drivers. This is a very unique device. The Vision360 starts recording when the car is hit by an object. The footage is stored in the camera's memory and also saved in the cloud. The footage is also triggered when the vehicle is parked. The Vision360 sends notifications to the car owner's smartphone, which can view interior and exterior images taken by the device. The camera can also be controlled remotely.


For now, only the price of the Holo360 is known, which is expected to arrive in Europe by the end of the year. Acer's new camera will start at 349 euros.