Adele made Spotify change

If one of the world's most famous female artists calls, Spotify answers: what happened between the streaming platform and Adele?

Can the music world dictate how people listen to their own creations? According to what happened recently between Spotify and Adele, the answer is "absolute yes".

According to what was confirmed by the BBC, the platform approved the London singer-songwriter's proposal to block the automatic shuffling of tracks when listening to albums from the service's vast library. The term "shuffling" means listening to the songs contained in an album or a collection in random order and not in the original order, in line with what the artist himself thought or in agreement with the record company during the production phase. This is a decision, therefore, that favors the dynamics of listening very precise, leaving little or nothing to chance.

Adele and Spotify, what has changed

Previously, the start of listening to an album through the Spotify app involved the tap (or click, if from a desktop browser or computer app) on the "Play" button, in whose icon it was possible to distinguish the symbol dedicated to the shuffle. This indicated that, independently of the user's will, the listening would take place in random mode, without following any logical thread chosen by the artist to scroll through the proposed songs.

After Adele's intervention everything changed, even if only for a few. Now, by pressing on the start button of the music playback, the user finds himself following the order of the tracks on the disc, in a linear and harmonious way. The "shuffle" does not disappear completely: at any time, it will be possible to activate the functionality by pressing the toggle corresponding to the random playback in the navigation bar.

As some users in the past, Adele had previously stressed the importance of listening in a very precise order, an order capable of highlighting links, quotes or other types of connections between the tracks as well as in the artist's mind. As a thank you, the singer sent a chirp via her official Twitter profile, promptly followed by Spotify's "Anything for you" response. Confirmation of the addition of the new feature, then, also came from Chris Macowski, head of music communications of the company.

Spotify, when the new feature arrives

The new feature is already active and allows you to listen to the albums in the platform in standard order; to take advantage of it, however, you must have subscribed to a Premium subscription, or paid. All the others, that is those with a free account, will have to be "satisfied" with the old mode, or switch to one of the