Advertising on the Apple Store to favor small developers

Ads based on keywords entered and will sponsor applications from independent software houses. It starts in the United States

After Google, advertising arrives also on Apple. Cupertino in fact will begin to insert ads in the App Store based on search results after a period of experimentation started a few months ago.

The service will be available on all devices that run with the iOS 10 operating system and at the moment will be launched only in the USA.

How does it work? Basically, the user will find an app at the top of his screen that will be marked with a small blue rectangle and on which it will say "Ad", or advertisement. The ad will depend on the search performed. If, for example, we need a specific app whose name we know, the App Store will return two results, namely the app we searched for and another similar advertised one. The intention, as the company itself says, is to encourage the downloading of little-known apps, thus giving visibility to small developers.

Not just Apple

Last February, Google introduced a service similar to Apple's. The principle is always the same, as the company says. The principle is always the same, as the Californian company itself affirms: to promote through advertisements a series of little known apps. Also in this case the operation is directly related to the searches made. If on the one hand you get a sort of balance between apps, the service could paradoxically favor once again the big names. The latter in fact have a greater competitive advantage given the economic availability of which they have.

The solution launched by Apple is a middle ground since, as Cupertino has always affirmed, the spaces of "Apple are not for sale". However, the company will have to monitor the service to prevent fake or misleading apps from being advertised. There is no news on when the ads will be viewable in Italy. So for now we can rest easy, even if when you guess the ads will not be particularly invasive.