Alarmshock, the wrist alarm clock with electric shock

Do you have trouble getting out of bed every morning? This wearable for masochists will do it for you, each posponi pressed on the alarm clock will give you a little shock

Are you a fan of the posponi of the alarm clock? You almost never manage to get up in the morning? Well, actually bad, Alarmschock is for you. It is a device a bit masochistic that is applied to the wrist as if it were a bracelet and will wake you up every morning with a small electric shock.

Are you wondering how Alarmshock works? Simple, once the alarm clock has stopped ringing, you only have two minutes to put the bracelet back in the holder, otherwise the wearable will send us a shock to remind us. Not exactly the best way to start the day. This is certainly not the first eccentric technique to convince sleepyheads to get out of bed, there are, in fact, alarm clocks that turn off just by putting your feet on the floor or those that turn off by solving a puzzle. Surely, however, Alarmshock is the most masochistic.

How Alarmshock works

The bracelet should be worn before going to sleep, but do not worry about the effects of the shock. The manufacturer assures that it is only a small electric shock, enough to wake us up but not to harm us. The bracelet will give us up to five shocks every two minutes until we get out of bed. The bracelet's support unit has two USB connections, one useful for charging the bracelet itself and the other to be used to charge a smartphone. Alarmshock is currently being launched on the popular crowdfunding site Kickstarter. To buy the alarm clock Alarmshock will have to spend between 70 and 90 euros depending on the various models. If the goal will be reached the shipments will start in October.

The video in opening is taken from Kickstarter

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