Alessandro Cattelan arrives on Netflix with Una Semplice Domanda

After saying goodbye to Sky, the presenter is preparing to host a new show on Netflix focused on the search for happiness. Here are the details

Alessandro Cattelan is the historic presenter of X-Factor, to which he said goodbye in the last edition to devote himself to new adventures. After leaving, there have been many hypotheses about his future: will he go to Rai? Will he move to the United States to lead a new format? Will he become the definitive heir of Jimmy Fallon?

Well, in the last hours the mystery has been revealed: he should lead the program Da Grande on Raiuno and, at the same time, land on Netflix with a totally innovative show entitled Alessandro Cattelan: Una semplice domanda produced by Fremantle, the same producer of X-Factor. It will be a docu-show composed of 8 episodes, written and conducted by Cattelan himself. The theme will be the search and discovery of happiness, a feeling that can arise through reflections, visions, interviews and images. In short, the presenter after years spent on the small screen, is officially preparing to enter the world of streaming and the public can't wait to discover this new role.

Alessandro Cattelan: a simple question, what it's about

The new Alessandro Cattelan show will focus on a simple question, which will be about happiness. As anticipated by Netflix, the format was born during an evening of reflection in Cattelan's house and in particular from a question posed to the host by his daughter Nina:

- Dad, how do you do to be happy?

- You know, to be happy...I was convinced I knew something about happiness. I have a nice family, I'm healthy, I have a good job, I should know what happiness is. So why did I get into a crisis when, in the end, it was just a simple question?

This is the starting point for an innovative show, where Cattelan will travel around Italy and abroad to find the perfect recipe for happiness, assuming it exists and is the same for everyone (the audience will only discover it when they watch the show). Each episode will have a different theme: from death to sexuality. Interviews, reflections, visions will be mixed in a different show, it will go from documentary to cinema, to real. It will be a whirlwind of reflections and emotions designed specifically for the Netflix audience.

Cattelan is one of the most famous presenters of the small screen, but also leads a very popular program on Radio Deejay. With his show on Sky, EPCC has interviewed stars from all over the world, he has built funny, ironic, thoughtful sketches. In short, over the years he has demonstrated his ability to range across different channels, languages and formats. This will allow him to better manage his new streaming show.

Alessandro Cattelan: a simple question, exit

The announcement was made on May 10 by Cattelan through Netflix's YouTube channel. It is not yet known exactly when the release date will be: filming is underway and the release is expected by the end of 2021.