Alexa in Italy: available Amazon voice assistant and Echo devices

Amazon's artificial intelligence now also available in our language. With her, also the smart speakers of the Echo family arrive

Of its possible arrival in Italy it was rumored for some time, but actually Amazon has taken everyone by surprise by launching it late in the evening and without any notice. As of 22:00 on October 23, Amazon Alexa is also available in Italian and can be used on all compatible devices. Among these stand out, of course, all the smart speakers of the Echo family, available on the ecommerce site with a discount of 40%.

Alexa joins the already large lineup of voice assistants available in our language. In addition to Apple's Siri, in fact, Microsoft's Cortana (even if its market share is now minimal and there is more and more talk of its integration with Alexa) and Google Assistant are already present in our country.

Local development

According to what Amazon says, in order to best adapt to the Italian market, Alexa has been developed and implemented completely in Italy. In this way, the voice assistant will be able to recognize not only the "official language", but also dozens of dialects spoken far and wide in our country. In this way, Amazon's artificial intelligence is able to recognize several typical regional expressions that, otherwise, would have been incomprehensible.

What they are and how to activate Alexa skills

Among the most interesting features of Amazon's smart speakers are Alexa skills, voice applications that allow users to interact directly with some services compatible with the artificial intelligence developed by Jeff Bezos' company. Among the various compatible skills in Italy we find dozens of information services, cooking and recipes portals, most of the smart house platforms and much more. To use the Alexa skills you just need to start the app on your smartphone, go to the Skill section and browse the store: once you find the one you want, just click on Activate and wait for the installation to finish. Then just say "Alexa, suggest me a recipe" before cooking or "Alexa, what's my daily summary" to get the latest news selected from the sources you have activated.