Alice in Borderland: what the Japanese series is about

Alice in Borderland enters the Top 10 of Netflix, this is the Squid Game effect: here's why it's what the TV series is about

The success of Squid Game has had important repercussions on Netflix: in addition to grossing the platform breathtaking figures, it has brought back to popularity another Asian series. Its title is Alice in Borderland and it was released in our country on December 10, 2020. About a year later, it has returned to the channel's Top 10.

The show had already won a good chunk of the audience, especially those who are fans of oriental productions. Of course, it hadn't reached the global success conquered by Squid Game, but now the situation might change. But what is Alice of Borderland about? We are in front of a thriller series, full of twists and turns. The title refers to the famous book by Lewis Carroll, has in fact references to the great classic, but the story is quite different, halfway between mystery and science fiction. The plot is inspired by the homonymous manga created by Haro Aso; it tells the story of a boy obsessed with video games.

Alice in Borderland: the plot

The TV series directed by Shinsuke Sato is centered on the story of Kento Yamazaki in the role of Arisu. He is a young man without a steady job, a bit cynical and with a passion for graphics, who finds himself in a deserted Tokyo, without people. The only two humans he meets are his friends, Chōta (Yūki Morinaga) and Karube (Keita Machida).

The series has similarities to Squid Game: the boys try to find the population but find that they are trapped in the deserted city and to save themselves they must participate in deadly games. Arisu will have to overcome a series of very hard tests, but from time to time he will discover more about the mystery that surrounds Tokyo and in general he will be able to find a meaning to his life. During the story he will meet Usagi, a woman who faces every challenge alone. They will come together to better understand the mechanisms of the game and to discover who is hiding behind the dynamics of the games.

According to many experts, the two series from the Far East have a lot in common, but to find out more details it is recommended to watch both. The first season of Alice in Borderland consists of eight episodes and has an open ending.

The second season of Alice in Bordarland

Netflix had announced the arrival of a second chapter of the TV series, which is already in production. The official date has not yet been announced, but given the popularity of the oriental series in the West as well, the company may speed up the schedule to take advantage of the positive wave. We will definitely see it in 2022.

While waiting for more information to come about the second season of both series, you can watch many shows similar to Squid Game on streaming.