All about the grand finale of Gomorra

There is great anticipation for the final two episodes of the final season, which will air today on Sky Atlantic and streaming on NOW. Here's everything you need to know

All things must come to an end and, after five seasons, the time has come for Gomorrah as well. The final two episodes of the final season come out today, Friday, December 17, in first view on Sky Atlantic. On the small screen will be staged a showdown now impossible to avoid and that promises to be final.

The events told of the TV series are freely inspired by the best seller of the same name by Roberto Saviano and tell the misdeeds of various members of the criminal organizations of camorristic type, ranging from drug dealing to infiltration in the political world. In the last two chapters, directed respectively by Marco D'Amore and Claudio Cupellini, the tension is sky-high: Genny (Salvatore Esposito) will pressure Ruggieri to find out where they have hidden Pietrino, his son, and unexpected alliances will be created to help Ciro Di Marzio (Marco D'Amore).

Gomorra, the series of records

Since its debut - the first season of the TV series was released in 2014 - the success of Gomorra, cult Sky Original produced by Cattleya, has grown considerably: in 2016 the product had already been sold in 170 countries around the world. The last season, the fifth, began airing on Sky Atlantic in November.

The ten episodes of the final season were shot between Naples, Riga and Rome and are written by head writers Leonardo Fasoli and Maddalena Ravagli, who also sign the series subject with Roberto Saviano. Valerio Cilio and Gianluca Leoncini complete the writing team.

The first 5 episodes and the ninth are directed by Marco D'Amore, who directed two episodes of Gomorra 4 and the film L'Immortale, a great success by Cattleya and Vision Distribution that acts as a narrative bridge between the fourth and fifth seasons, while episodes 6, 7, 8 and 10 are directed by Claudio Cupellini, at the helm since the beginning of the series.

Gomorra: what the last two episodes are about

In the last two episodes of Gomorra, Genny pressures Ruggieri to find out where his son is and then reassures Azzurra, telling her that as soon as Pietro is home again, they will leave forever. But Genny suspects nothing of what's going on behind his back: Ciro and Nunzia are on the move and with the help of new allies, will try to stop Genny from carrying out his escape.

Genny finds himself with his back against the wall and is willing to do anything as long as Ciro guarantees Azzurra and Pietro's safety. But Ciro doesn't make any promises and Nunzia, off schedule, takes Azzurra as collateral. So things get complicated. To get Pietrino back, Genny has no choice but to leave with Ciro for one last cathartic journey.

What time does the Gomorra finale come out

Like the previous episodes of the final season, the last two will also be broadcast on Sky Atlantic: the appointment for the first viewing is tonight, Friday, December 17, at 9:15 pm.

The episodes, as always, will also be available on demand on Sky and streaming on NOW.