All about the movie about Manuel Bortuzzo

The film will tell the life of the young swimming talent, current contestant of Grande Fratello Vip. Here are the details

Manuel Bortuzzo, the current contestant of Big Brother Vip has a story made of talent, pain and redemption behind him. His name is best known for his talent in swimming. His dream is blocked in the night of February 2, 2019, when the athlete is hit by a bullet in an ambush in the Axa neighborhood of Rome.

He was in front of a club with his girlfriend when the gunshot reached him in the back, damaging the spinal cord that does not allow the recovery of the mobility of the legs. Manuel is currently in a wheelchair precisely because of that shot, but he could have even died. As he often says, if the blow had reached 12 millimeters away, he would be gone. In fact, he has also tattooed the number 12, which for him is a symbol of pain, but also of salvation. From that moment, he began a rehabilitation process that led him to slowly react and to tell his story he also decided to write a book, from which the film will now be born.

Who will play Manuel Bortuzzo in the movie

We still know very little about the film that will tell the story of the young swimmer, but in these days some news about it are starting to leak out, especially thanks to Franco Bortuzzo, Manuel's father who often publishes updates about his son's life at the Big Brother Vip, but also news about the movie.

The latest rumors, in fact, say that the role of Manuel will be played by one of the most popular actors of the moment: Giancarlo Commare (in the photo), famous for having participated in the TV series Skam Italia but also for his interpretation in the film Maschile Singolare.

Film about Manuel Bortuzzo: the cast

At the side of Giancarlo Commare, the cast will also include Alessio Boni, who will play the role of his father Franco Bortuzzo.

What is the title of the film about Manuel Bortuzzo

The film is titled Rinascere and is based on the book of the same name "Rinascere, l'anno in cui ho cominciato a vincere" written by Manuel himself and published in November 2019, right after the tragedy that struck him. The film, being taken from the book, will tell the news events, starting from the night between February 2 and 3, 2019 that changed forever the life of the swimmer. It will probably also talk about the rehabilitation, a fundamental moment where Manuel's great strength of will emerges.

The filming of the movie should have already been completed some time ago and will probably be aired on Rai 1 but it is not yet known for sure if it will be broadcast on other platforms nor the release date.

Manuel Bortuzzo is not new to the cameras. He was already the protagonist of the movie L'ultima gara (The Last Race), where accompanied by Raul Bova he tells his life story with his friends and colleagues Massimiliano Rosolino, Filippo Magnini and Emanuel Brambilla.