All for 1 – 1 for all: the Christmas movie event on Sky

Veronesi's musketeers arrive on Sky and Now Tv: here is the plot and the characteristics of the funny characters.

Love, friendship and lots of laughs: the three musketeers return in a really funny and original way. We find them in the perfect movie to watch during the end-of-year holidays. It is titled Tutti per 1 - 1 per tutti and is directed by Giovanni Veronesi.

For many, it is the continuation of Musketeers of the King - The Penultimate Mission, 2018 film, although the director wants to avoid labels. Tutti per 1 - 1 per tutti tells the story of D'Artagnan, played by Pierfrancesco Favino, and his trusty musketeers, Portos (Valerio Mastandrea) and Athos (Rocco Papaleo) now a bit 'aged and rusty. Together, united by a great friendship, they will undertake to carry out a mission entrusted by Queen Anne of Austria (Margherita Buy). So they will start a strange journey, during which they will meet strange characters. The film could not be released in theaters, closed due to the pandemic, is broadcast on TV on Sky but also in streaming on NOW TV.

Tutti per 1 - 1 per tutti: the words of director Giovanni Veronesi

The film is an Italian comedy, well built and masterfully interpreted by a choral cast, popular and talented.

The cast is directed by one of the most famous Italian directors, Giovanni Veronesi, who commented on the project as follows:

"Directing Musketeers made me go back to school, it told me that I am not an eternal Peter Pan, this is nonsense, rather I am an eternal time traveler, aware that there is no child inside me, rather, there is an almost sixty year old man who plays with strict rules a game for adults that also entertains children."

So, after Musketeers has committed to its sequel, which is already preparing to double its success. All thanks to an original plot, but also to an exceptional cast.

All for 1 - 1 for all: cast and characters

Pierfrancesco Favino plays the protagonist D'Artagnan, the best sword of France. He is a man with a sensitive and gentle soul, who is not guided by maps or duties, but by his values and loyalty to his Queen. For him, friendship is an indispensable value, the strongest of all.

Porthos is played by Valerio Mastandrea. He is a strong, disenchanted and cynical man. But during the film, something might shake him out of his torpor.

Rocco Papaleo we find in the role of Athos, a real political authority, the leader of the Musketeers. He is cultured but also tired and faces his last mission with a labyrinthitis that makes him completely lose his bearings.

Queen Anne of Austria is played by Margherita Buy. She is seemingly the most powerful woman in the nation, but her duties and responsibilities prevent her from accomplishing what she really wants.

Then there is Tomtom, a wandering seer played by Giulia Michelini. She is crazy but able to predict the future like no one else in the world, so much so that she can integrate the powers of a navigator and Google together.

In the cast we also find Guido Caprino, Anna Ferzetti, Federico Ielapi, Sara Ciocca and Giulio Scarpati. The film Tutti per 1 - 1 for all is among the best Christmas news, you can watch it both on Sky and streaming on NOW TV.