All hunting for Santa Claus with Google Santa Tracker

The Big G application that keeps us company until Christmas is back this year with a revamped look. Pokémon Go style

It has been a tradition for a few years now. Google takes us to the village where Santa Claus leaves from and takes us around the world, giving us every day a new surprise to enjoy both on the web and on Android, and now even on Android Wear and TV thanks to Chromecast.

Google, every December, manages to come up with something new. The protagonist is always him, Mr. Santa Claus, as well as the traditional setting - the tour of the world using its "mapping" technologies - but this year the Mountain View giant has added a couple of goodies not bad. Santa Tracker, in addition to the many videos and daily games to entertain us on the eve of December 25, shows off a surprise in the style of Niantic's Pokémon Go. We just want to tell you that there is a hint of virtual reality for an even greater involvement for young and old alike.

Christmas, when it comes... it comes

In this edition of Santa Tracker there is something new: the mini game Present Quest that is a bit reminiscent of Pokémon Go. The surprise is the introduction of augmented reality that invites everyone - young and old - to walk around the various enchanted places on the map to try and grab some presents that will allow them to level up in Santa's Workshop.

(opening video taken from YouTube)