All locked up at home: the most purchased products online

Quarantine has forced Italians to stay at home for weeks. Here, in addition to relaxation, recipes and smart working, we are also dedicated to online shopping. E-commerce in fact do not close and indeed increase the offers, many of them designed specifically to meet the needs of this period.

For example, increases the sale of electronic devices, such as printers for self-certification or tablets to allow children to take classes online. At the same time, there are many who buy products to dedicate themselves to gardening or to take care of their dog or cat at home. In short, there is something for everyone. Here are the products most purchased on Amazon and why they are particularly useful to those who have to stay at home.

Most sold printers online

The first category of products in vogue during the Italian quarantine is that of printers, useful to prepare at home the self-certification for travel. Among the most purchased models online stands out the HP DeskJet 3760 T8X19B Multifunction Inkjet Printer that also works as a scanner and copier. Thanks to its compact size, it is great for home use. In addition, it can connect to the Wi-Fi network and thus allows you to print documents even from smartphones without the use of cables. It can be connected with the HP Smart app and thus offer additional benefits: for example, if the cartridge is about to run out, it is ordered online and arrives immediately at home.

Another tool that has been very successful these days is the Epson Expression Home XP-4100 3-in-1 Printer. It too is perfect for home use and integrates three functions in a compact space: scanner, printing and double-sided photocopying. Thanks to Epson's iPrint app, you can print directly from a mobile device. In the top 3 of the most purchased printers online also appears Brother MFCL2710DW Laser Multifunction Printer 4 in 1 Monochrome, which is a more professional solution than the previous ones, so ideal for those who work in smart working from home and need large formats, as well as a better quality of documents. In addition to the three previous functions, it also has a fax and has a longer autonomy.

Health and personal care: the most purchased products

In this period, Amazon and other online stores have recorded a surge of sales regarding products related to health and wellness. Among the most quoted stand out the protective masks, to be used to prevent infection when leaving the house for reasons of real need. In this regard, the product most come is the set 20 X Mascarillas Anti-Dust with Valve, EN 149 FFP2. They protect the respiratory tract from dust, paint, puncture and manage to block particles up to 0.3 Micron. Together with FFP3 they would be the only ones to protect against the virus.

The second most purchased device is the Pulox PO-100 Pulse Oximeter with LED display. It is a useful tool for monitoring oxygen saturation in hemoglobin and heart rate. This instrument has a bright LED display that makes it easier to read the values. The third product is the Queen of Hearts kitchen paper. Italians, evidently, are afraid of running out of kitchen paper and have been hoarding the 30-roll pack of the queen paper towel. Each roll has 50 sheets, for a total of 1,500 sheets. Enough to last at least three or four weeks.

Beauty items most purchased online

Quarantine is also an opportunity to take care of ourselves, through high quality cosmetics. So here is where beauty products have also seen an increase in sales during this period. The best-selling item on Amazon is Satin Naturel's Hyaluronic Acid Facial Serum. This is a 100% organic and vegan facial toner offered in a 100 ml package. Thanks to the use of hyaluronic acid, it manages to moisturize the face and at the same time reduces wrinkles and other signs of aging, giving the skin a healthy and youthful appearance.

Another item that has been in the spotlight these days is definitely the alcohol-based, no-rinse hand sanitizing gel. It can be carried around when, in the absence of soap and water, it is impossible to wash your hands and thus stop any viral attacks. In fact, hand sanitizing is one of the most effective tools to prevent Coronavirus. And to stay on the subject, you can not miss in the online cart of the Italians another essential product in this period: the liquid soap for hands. Among the most purchased solutions online stands out the Palmolive soap 300 ml + 300 ml that certainly stands out for convenience and quality.

Social games: what do Italians buy?

You know, quarantine in the long run can become extremely boring, even if you spend it with your family or with your roommates. To liven up their days, Italians have rediscovered board games. The best seller is Uno, probably the most popular card game among young people. Who has never played a game? Well, for those who have missed this opportunity, quarantine is the time to catch up. At the same time, more classic entertainment is rediscovered. In fact, rummy cards are making a comeback. They are also suitable for other games, from pinella to poker, and that's why so many people add them to their online shopping cart.

The sales of Taboo and Monopoly are also booming. The first one is based on making teammates guess the secret word without pronouncing the related ones, marked in the card. The second is one of the most famous games in the world, and consists of being able to buy all the possessions, from hotels to houses to other buildings.

Electronic accessories

Staying at home also means spending hours on the couch watching TV, playing video games and, in many cases, performing their work activities in smart working. What are the electronics accessories that have conquered the Italians in the first weeks of quarantine? The best-selling product is the AmazonBasics HDMI Cable, which is very useful for those who do not have a smart TV. In fact, it can be connected to a pc and allows you to transfer content to the big screen. For example, it allows you to start Netflix from your computer and then see the images on your television and enjoy a TV series on the couch.

The second accessory that has seen quite a bit of success is the AmazonBasics USB Mouse. Many people are no longer accustomed to having a simple mouse at home, because maybe they now use other tools such as smarpthone or tablet. In this period, however, for online school classes or video conferencing from PC, having a mouse can come in handy and that of AmazonBasics is a solution suitable for those who do not have huge needs. The last item in the category is represented by AA alkaline batteries in a pack of 48 pieces. Yes, between remote controls, joysticks and other devices, the classic batteries are quick to wear out.

Portables and tablets: which are the best sellers online

Quarantine has caused the closure of offices, universities and schools, but it has certainly not stopped their activity. People continue to work and study at home during the emergency. There are many who, in order to better follow an online lesson or carry out other tasks within the four walls, buy tablets and computers. What are the most purchased? For the tablet category once again the Huawei brand asserts itself, offering excellent solutions at affordable prices.

The most purchased tablets are the Huawei T5 Mediapad and the Huawei T3 Mediapad. The former features a 10.1" 1080p full HD display. The Octa-core processor has a maximum frequency of 2.36ghz ensures high performance and allows you to serenely use multiple apps simultaneously. It also has a kids corner with many features designed to protect and entertain the little ones.

The Huawei T3 Mediapad is the lower-end version. Featuring a 9.6" display (1280 x 800), space-age anodized aluminum body. Quad-core processor (1.4G Hz) ensures good performance. Both are good for home use, taking online classes or watching streaming series and movies, the last one, however, has lower technical specifications than the first one, so it's less suitable for professional uses.

On the laptop front, however, one of the best-selling laptops ever is the ASUS X507, a mid- to low-end computer, but with features suitable for home browsing. The SSD disk and 4 gigabytes of RAM, in fact, allow you to check social and mail and stay up to date on the latest news from the world without too much trouble. All this at a price under 300 euros to a large and reliable display that allows you to enjoy high quality streaming content.

Products for Dogs and Cats

During quarantine you do not share the same roof only with your family and roommates, but there are also pets that need our attention and care every day. Among the most purchased products in this department, the Seresto Collar for Medium/Large Dogs stands out. It is an excellent device to remove fleas, ticks and other insects from the dog's skin. In fact, let's not forget that spring is coming and the risks increase, especially during walks in the countryside.

Often, however, people are afraid to take the dog out or reduce the outings to a minimum, and in this case they arm themselves with special products: among the most popular are the AmazonBasics Absorbent Hygienic Mats. A package contains 100 pieces of 56 x 56 cm and allows you to let the dog do the needs inside the house without the risk that it dirties the floor. Finally, the same needs for felines are carried out by Vitakraft - Cat Litter Magic Clean 15525, for 4 Weeks: this product neutralizes any odors and has a high absorption capacity. In addition, it lasts longer than the classic litter.

Garden and gardening products: the most purchased online

The last category that is in vogue in this period is the one dedicated to gardening: have you never had time to take care of your garden or terrace? Now that you will be inside the house for more days, it will be easier to follow this hobby. Often the garden or balcony overlooks the street, so there are many who want to express solidarity and sense of unity by displaying the Italian flag, which is among the most purchased items on Amazon.

At the same time, another product that is in fashion in this period is Sementi Batlle - Rustic and decorative lawn, that is a seed compound to sprout green lawn in the garden. Definitely a great pastime that will allow you to have a thick and healthy green expanse for the summer. The latest item loved by consumers is TACKLIFE Drip Irrigation Hose, 15M long flexible, a system that allows you to keep your garden fertile and allow plants and lawn to grow steadily and healthily.