All methods to download Facebook on pc, tablets and smartphones

Facebook is now part of our everyday life, in the free minutes of our days we scroll through our wall or pages that interest us to be able to find something that might interest us, stimulate or entertain. Often our interest falls on some video, that we would not want to miss, that maybe we would like to show to that person or that we would like to see again in other moments of our day.

The reasons why we are not enough to see it only in that moment are many, it could be too long to view, have a story that interests us particularly and that we want to deepen: in short, if everyone has their reasons, the only thing left to do is download the video from Facebook, but how to do? Obviously it is possible, there are many ways and depend on the device we use to view Facebook, that is, if we are on a PC or a smartphone or tablet and we can use special programs or download videos from Facebook online without programs. Let's see these methods together.

How to save videos from Facebook on your PC without programs

especially for the less experienced, the idea of having to install a new program to download a video from Fb could generate some anxiety, we always risk downloading some strange virus along with the program or subscribe to who knows what service. Or we simply don't want to load our pc with too many applications: don't worry, there are plenty of sites or browser extensions that offer Facebook video converter service conveniently online, without having to download anything. Let's see how to choose the best way to download our videos from Facebook

Online sites for downloading from Facebook

Of course, a little online research is enough to find many sites that allow you to download videos from Facebook, even too many. So the risk is not knowing which one to choose, fumbling around and not understanding where to start, so here are the most famous ones and how they work. What we have to get is simply the link of the Facebook video we want to save. Obviously, in order to download a video from Facebook without any programs, you need to stay online, so let's check beforehand that you have a good connection.

Clip Converter is definitely one of the best tools for downloading videos from Fb that we can find on the net, among other things it allows us to choose the download format, an option not always present on other sites. Downloading a video from Facebook is really simple: just open the site, enter the link to the video you want to save in the Media Url box. At this point we'll have to choose the conversion format, click on continue and start downloading. After a few moments of waiting we'll have the video ready to play on our PC.

SaveVideo is also a tool widely used by those who want to download a video from Fb, unlike the first, however, allows the download only in MP4. Using it is very simple: open the site, enter the link of the selected Facebook video. At this point just click on Download to have the video in HD or low quality ready to be viewed as many times as we want on our PC.

In the magnum sea of the web are really many sites to download videos from Facebook. The operation is more or less the same: copy in the space provided the link to the video and download it. What are the most famous sites? Video Grabby,, Free Video Finder, YooDownload, SaveClipBro, Video Grabber. If before we had no idea how to save a video from Facebook, now we are spoilt for choice!

Browser extensions

For the less experienced, let's say right away that the browser is not some strange thing in our pc, but the program we use to surf the net: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Explorer and others. So, if the service offered by online sites doesn't satisfy us, or if we prefer to stay on our page to be able to download videos from Facebook, we can use some extensions in our browser to download videos from Facebook, again without installing any new program.

Obviously, each browser will have its own way of working, but if you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox you can download videos from Facebook thanks to the Video DownloadHelper extension: this extension allows you to make downloads from any other website and not only from the social. Obviously, first of all you have to download the extension, once installed, locate the video you want to save, start playing it and the extension's icon located in the toolbar will start moving. Click on it, paste the name of the video and the download will start instantly.

Video downloader for Facebook on your pc

If downloading videos and working on them is a habit, it might be useful to install a program to download videos from Facebook: that way you won't have to go searching for the site all the time and you'll have everything on your pc. Generally, these programs are very lightweight and easy to install, so you can load them on practically any pc, even those a bit older. Also allow you to download videos from the most famous sites, not only Fb but also Youtube, Instagram, Video and so on and so forth. Let's see which ones are the most popular and how they work.

1. JDownloader

Undoubtedly one of the best programs for downloading videos from Facebook and Youtube. It is not only available for Windows, but also for MacOS and Linux, so it can be used on any pc. To download from Fb, install the program, open it and go to the Capture tab. At this point we paste the link to the video and press Play: now wait a few moments to find it in our download folder.


Don't let the name fool you: with this program we can download from over 40 different sites! So we can absolutely download a video from Facebook. In order to save the video from Facebook, we need to copy the URL at the top of the browser, then move the indicator to Mp4 - or Mp3 if we prefer to download only the music of the video - to download the video.

3. ClipGrab

This program is also downloadable on any operating system we have on our PC and is easy and intuitive to use: just turn a moment between the commands to download in a few minutes the Facebook video we want. It will be necessary to paste the Url of the video in the Link section and click Download this clip. 4K Video Downloader

If we're still not convinced, an equally good software is 4K Video Downloader, which is very friendly because of its neat and simple interface, but don't worry, it's still contained and very light to install. Even to download a video from Facebook with this program, just paste the link of the video in the space provided and start downloading: just wait a little bit and you won't be disappointed.

How to download videos from Facebook on your smartphone or tablet

Most of us, nowadays, scroll through the Facebook wall on our smartphone or tablet: it often happens that we want to save a video from Facebook on this very device. Of course, technology always comes to our rescue, so it is not only possible to do this, but for someone it might be easier to download a video from Facebook on the smartphone than on the pc. Let's see how to do it

Through online sites

It sounds like a Captain Obvious answer, but we can download videos from Facebook using the same sites we have illustrated for pc. If we think about it, every smartphone has a browser for browsing, whether it's Chrome or Safari, it's already installed, we can use it! So let's look for our video on the Facebook app and click on it. At this point three vertical dots will appear at the top right that, if we click on them, will open the menu: all we have to do is click on Copy link and paste it in the appropriate section of the sites indicated. Simple no? The only thing you need to pay attention to is making sure you have enough space on your device to download the video from Facebook.

Android Apps

However, if we find it difficult to move from your phone or tablet between the various screens, we can look for Android applications to download videos from Facebook: easy and intuitive, just try them to choose the one that suits us exactly. Which one should we choose? Open Google Play and download Video Downloader for Facebook, My Video Downloader for Facebook. The latter not only allows you to download videos from Fb, but also allows us to manage personal videos and likes, so it's a bit more in-depth if you want.

Ios Applications

Obviously iPhone and iPad don't lag behind. We download from the Apple Store Tweax Box or Total for downloading videos from Facebook, which always take advantage of a rather simple and finger-friendly procedure for downloading videos from Facebook to our iPhone.