All methods to reset an iPhone 7

Resetting the iPhone is an important operation, because it allows you to restore the factory settings, update the operating system, or delete all data to sell the device. In this guide we'll see how to reset the iPhone 7, so that it's as good as new, even from off and without a password, showing in detail all the procedures available to reconfigure your device. Fortunately, you can follow the iOS reset in different ways, in fact you can also reset the iPhone 7 remotely, in case of theft or loss, or when it is locked by performing the operation in DFU mode.

If you want to reset your iPhone 7 because it no longer works as before, consider buying a new smartphone in installments with providers. Here is some information:

How to reset iPhone 7 and restore factory settings

You often make several changes to your applephone, customizing the phone and making various settings, which is not always a good solution, as the device may no longer work properly. However, it is always possible to restore the factory settings, just reset the iPhone 7 as new, to return to the original configuration. Obviously, this operation involves data loss, so it is advisable to save the most important contents before starting the procedure, making a backup on iCloud Drive or on an external memory.

To perform the iPhone 7 reset, bringing it back to factory conditions, you first need to enter the phone's settings, tapping the appropriate icon on the device's main screen, choose the General option and continue by selecting Restore&gtgt; Initialize content and settings. At this point, all you have to do is enter the unlock password of your iPhone 7 by tapping the Initialize iPhone item marked with a red icon. The operating system will automatically perform the reset, after which the terminal will turn off and on by itself, so you just need to follow the wizard and perform the configuration of the device as if it were new.

How to reset iPhone 7 with iTunes

To reset iPhone 7, if you can't do it through your phone, you can use iTunes and your Mac OS computer. This is a rather simple procedure, which also allows you to save the terminal's data before proceeding to restore the settings, to back up remotely. To reset the iPhone 7, you just need to open iTunes on your Mac, connect the phone to the PC with a compatible USB cable, enabling communication between the two devices directly from the iPhone.

Then you need to click on the icon representing the terminal inside iTunes, select the option Restore iPhone and disable the Find My iPhone feature by going to the phone's settings and tapping on the iCloud> Find My iPhone items, finally moving the selector to the OFF mode. At this point you need to click on Restore, starting the device reset and following the wizard, accepting the terms of service and possibly authorizing the data backup operation.

Resetting iPhone 7 with iTunes involves updating the operating system, in fact the latest available version compatible with the applephone will be installed on your device. This is a completely automatic mechanism, in fact iTunes will procure the latest iOS version and install it inside the device. At the end you can still choose whether to restore the iPhone 7 as new, or import the previously downloaded data to iCloud Drive or Mac, using your Apple ID in both cases.

How to reset iPhone 7 without losing data

In many cases it is necessary to update the operating system, especially when you own a slightly old iPhone, to improve the phone's performance and take advantage of new features. At the same time it is important to reset the iPhone 7 without losing data, to avoid ending up with an updated terminal but without the important content saved on the previous operating system. To do this, there are several solutions, in fact, you can restore the iPhone via iTunes, as we have just seen, using iCloud or external applications.

One of them is Dr. Fone for iOS, a paid program that can be installed on your Mac OS PC, which allows you to reset the iPhone 7 without losing the data on the device. After downloading the software just open it, click on Repair and connect the terminal to the PC, choosing whether to update the operating system, restore factory conditions or repair any malfunctions. Finally you have to select the latest version of iOS and start the installation, so that the software will update the operating system without losing any data from your iPhone.

Using iCloud instead you have to make the backup (usually automatic operation but it is advisable to check), entering the iPhone 7 settings and tapping on your name, continuing with iCloud> Backup iCloud and making sure that the selector is set to ON or Enable, finalizing by tapping on the option Perform backup now. After saving all the data, you can reset your iPhone 7, just go into Settings> General> Restore> Initialize Content and Settings, enter the security code and tap on Initialize iPhone.

How to Reset iPhone 7 with Keys

To reset your iPhone, there is also an alternative mode available, which allows you to reset iPhone 7 with keys. This is a procedure called in jargon DFU, Device, Firmware Update, which allows you to intervene even if your device is locked, starting a different version of the original recovery. Obviously it's an emergency measure, useful when you want to reset or update the device but it doesn't respond as it should, in fact making it impossible to complete the operation.

To reset the locked iPhone 7 with the keys you need to connect it to a Mac OS, using the appropriate Lightning compatible cable and turn off the phone, while holding down the Power key. After that you need to push Power and the volume down key at the same time, keeping the combination for a few seconds until the canvas shows the Apple icon. At this point you just need to release the Power key, keeping the volume down key instead, to allow iTunes to properly detect the device.

When the phone will be connected with iTunes it means that the DFU recovery mode is finally active, so all that's left is to open the iTunes settings, select the Restore iPhone option and continue by clicking on the Restore> Restore and Update items. Again, the most updated version of iOS available at the moment will be installed, while at the end of the download you can choose whether to configure the iPhone 7 as a new device, or restore the data by loading it from the backup made before resetting the Apple device.

How to reset iPhone from off

Resetting your Apple phone's settings is also possible remotely, using a procedure that allows you to reset the iPhone 7 from off. This can be useful in case of theft or loss, for example, to prevent someone from accessing your personal information. However, it is required that the Find My iPhone feature is enabled, so it is advisable to always keep this security setup, which allows you to perform various operations thanks to the connection with your iCloud account.

To do so, just go to the website, enter your Apple ID and log in within the portal. Then you just need to click on Find My iPhone, activate the All Devices service in the top right corner, select your device and continue with Initialize iPhone> Initialize. In this way, even if the phone is currently turned off, as soon as it is accessed and connected to the internet, a complete reset of the device will be performed, resulting in the deletion of all data on the terminal, protecting your privacy.

How to reset iPhone 7 without a password

Losing the password of your iPhone involves some limitations, in fact, you cannot perform operations in the phone's settings. However, it is possible to reset iPhone 7 without a password, just recover the login credentials by restoring the account through the Apple website. To do this, you need to go to the official portal, enter your Apple ID and reset the forgotten password, answering a few questions for identity verification.

After that, you can access all the services connected to the terminal again, such as iCloud, to activate the Find My iPhone feature and proceed to reset the device to factory settings. Although there are some special programs, which allow you to unlock the IMEI code of the applephone, it is still essential to have the iCloud password, otherwise you will not be able to back up your data and upload them during the configuration of the iPhone.

If you have forgotten your Apple ID you can perform a search, through this web page within the Apple website. This is a procedure that allows you to find your Apple ID, by entering your first name, last name and email address linked to the services of the bitten apple, finally clicking Continue. If the Find My iPhone service is disabled, you can use another procedure, which involves updating the terminal through DFU mode, as we showed in the previous paragraph.

Finally, it is possible that the iPhone is locked on iCloud, making the procedure through DFU unusable as well. In this case, to unlock the iPhone 7 locked on iCloud, you need to go to the website, which allows you to do the unlocking via a paid service. Just select your phone model from the drop-down menu, enter the IMEI code of your device and click on the Unlock now button. At this point you just need to add your email address and click Continue, to receive via email the procedure to follow for iCloud unlocking.