All or Nothing: on Amazon Prime now it’s Juventus’ turn

The old lady is the protagonist of the new episode of the docu-series "All or Nothing", which Amazon Prime Video is preparing to launch on 240 markets around the world: here's when it arrives in Italy

Juventus as you've never seen it: this is the promise of the last episode of "All or Nothing", the new docu-series Amazon Original Italian dedicated this time to Juve that, since the trailer, promises to tell everything about the old lady: the team, the players, the company.

Produced by Fulwell 73, which has already made titles of the caliber of Friends The Reunion, "All or Nothing: Juventus" will be streamed by Amazon Prime Video starting November 25 in 240 markets, including Italy of course. Exactly as already seen with "All or Nothing: Manchester City" and "All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur", the docu-series on Juventus aims to describe the behind-the-scenes of a key season for the team, in order not only to satisfy the most ardent fans of the Turin team, but to illustrate the mentality that pervades this football club and that has allowed it to reach the Olympus of world soccer. "You have to be there every day to fight everything, to prove that you're there and that we'll never give up," says Pavel Nedved in "All or Nothing: Juventus," and that's the epitome of the entire All or Nothing franchise.

Always more soccer on Amazon Prime Video

The Juventus docu-series is just the latest in a (now) long line of content offered, and often made, by Amazon Prime Video to soccer fans. On October 29, for example, "Maradona: Sogno Benedetto" was made available, while the month before it was the turn of "PSG Ô Ville Lumière, 50 ans de légende," dedicated to Paris Saint-Germain.

But we should also remember "El Numero Nueve", dedicated to Gabriel Batistuta, "My name is Francesco Totti", dedicated to the icon of Roma, "Roberto Baggio, il calcio divino", "Il profeta del gol", about Cruyff, "Buffon esclusivo, il mio calcio, la mia Juve", "El Corazòn de Sergio Ramos" and the biographical account of the King of soccer "Pelé".

All this while continuing the live broadcast of the 16 Champions League matches for which Amazon has obtained the exclusive rights. Prime Video's programming, therefore, is increasingly rich for lovers of the most famous sport in the world (and, to tell the truth, it doesn't forget fans of other sports either).

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