All the advantages of having a PEC

Certified electronic mail or PEC offers many advantages, both to individuals and to professionals and companies: here are what they are.

Having a certified electronic mail box offers advantages both to private citizens and to professionals and companies. In fact, PEC boxes have the same legal validity as a registered letter with return receipt, but allow you to save time and money.

The PEC is mandatory for professionals and companies as required by the Simplification Decree of the government as part of the digitization of the country, but it has proved to be an advantageous tool to streamline communications, especially with the Public Administration. There are also advantages for private individuals, who can use it to cancel contracts and communicate directly with the Inland Revenue. Libero offers its Family PEC for individuals to send an unlimited number of registered letters for just 14.99 euros per year, while the PEC Unlimited plan for businesses, professionals and individuals offers unlimited storage space at 30 euros per year plus VAT.

PEC for professionals and businesses: the advantages

In the process of digitizing Italy, PEC has become a crucial tool, and for professionals and businesses even mandatory. In fact, all professionals are required to communicate their PEC address to the register to which they belong, while companies will have to communicate it to the Register of Companies.

In the Simplification Decree of 2020, the government has expanded the importance of PEC for professionals, who can use one to be included in the National Register of the resident population to obtain their digital domicile, to receive communications and notices of all kinds from the Public Administration.

Having a PEC box is therefore essential for professionals, as well as mandatory, because it streamlines communications and can also be used as a channel for sending and receiving electronic invoices. Among the many online services that offer a certified email box, there is also Libero with PEC Unlimited, which at a cost of 30 euros per year plus VAT allows you to send an unlimited number of PEC and offers businesses and professionals infinite storage space to store both those sent and received.

PEC for individuals: the advantages

Certified email has many advantages for private citizens. To send a registered letter, you don't need to go to the post office, but you can simply take your PC, tablet or smartphone. The legal validity of the PEC means that it can be used to cancel contracts and subscription services, such as those with the supplier of electricity and gas or the telephone operator, but also validate contracts between private individuals.

More importantly, the PEC can be used for direct communication with the Public Administration and the Revenue Agency, for example to participate in public competitions or to receive fines, avoiding paying the 20 euro delivery costs.

In addition to time, having a PEC box for a private citizen means saving money. For example, Libero's certified email service offers the Family PEC at 14.99 euros per year, so you can send unlimited PECs at the cost of three registered mail, and have 1 GB of storage space.