All the gadgets of Squid Game that you can buy on Amazon

Squid Game is the Netflix television series that is having a huge success on a global scale: discover the gadgets you can buy on Amazon

The South Korean television series Squid Game has arrived in a few days at the top of the top 10 most watched Netflix series in the world. An unexpected success with fans growing day by day, despite the fact that it is only available on streaming in Korean, the original language, and with subtitles.

And yet surprisingly starting from September 17, the day from which it is available on the streaming platform, and without any advertising launch behind if not some press release, Squid Game has managed to engage and excite fans. The plot is complex: a group of 456 people with a tragic story behind them and a need for money are locked up in a secret place, where they challenge each other in typical childish games, but the loser dies. In short, behind games seemingly carefree, are hidden deadly challenges and there is no shortage of splatter scenes and extreme violence in this dystopian world. Along with the success, also came a lot of gadgets that turn out to be a nice idea for a gift to friends or to buy for myself: here are the best gadgets Squid Game for sale on Amazon.

Squid Game: the action figures

The action figures in resin and vinyl are objects from true fans of the television series. Amazon offers Squid Game action figures for sale, featuring the iconic red jumpsuits and masks with the circle, square and triangle. This is a realistic design, inspired by the sixth episode of the Korean TV series, made of high quality and environmentally friendly materials. A gadget suitable for fans who want to display one of the iconic characters of their favorite TV series at the price of about 13 euros.

Squid Game: the notebook

For those who do not want to give up even an accessory dedicated to the popular Netflix TV series of Squid Game, you just have to buy the notebook. The cover is flexible and on the front are reproduced the characters of the sixth episode in the iconic red jumpsuit with symbols on the black mask of the square, rectangle and circle. Over 120 pages at a price of about 5 euros.

Squid Game: the cookie game

Fans who want to enjoy playing with their friends and recreate a (non-lethal) Squid Game challenge can face off in the cookie test. To do so, they'll need the Squid Game cookie molds also for sale on Amazon. Using the molds to make the famous Korean sugar and baking soda cookie, they can then set a time and try to pull it off the mold with a pin without breaking the figure. A game that has gone viral even on TikTok and that you can replicate at home with friends.

Squid Game: cosplay mask and suit

There is no shortage of fans who like to dress up as their favorite characters from TV series and Anime. For true Squid Game cosplayers, both the iconic black masks with geometric symbol (square, circle, triangle) and the iconic red suits are on sale on Amazon. A mask to have at home ready for a different Halloween night, Carnival or even just for a theme party with friends.

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