All the methods to move files from Android to a Micro SD

There are numerous methods to move files and images from an Android smartphone to a MicroSD, some native, others through apps you have to download.

Whether it's at home or on your smartphone, the result is the same: space is never enough, especially if your phone has an internal memory of only 4 gigs, but you know, with the videos, Gifs and photos that run - not to mention the operating system updates - even 8 or 16 gigs may not be enough. That's why it's always useful to buy a MicroSD card to move files around when the phone's memory is full. How can we move everything to a MicroSD card without losing anything? Let's see how to transfer files and photos to SD card - or vice versa - without running any risks.

Moving files to SD card: general lines

First of all, there's a point to be made, which is that not all data can be moved to SD: if we have problems with app space on the phone, we might still have it even with a MicroSD card inserted if we use a lot of such apps. How can we find out? First of all we need to know that the ones preinstalled on the device can't be moved, while to control the other apps is simple, just go to Settings and then to Manage Applications.

Then we'll have a screen with all the apps downloaded on the phone and if we scroll to the right we'll have the list of those saved on the SD card. To move the file to the SD card, select the app by holding down the icon and a small menu will appear, where one of the items should be Move to SD card, select this button. At this point you'll see the words Move, once you've finished the action it will become Move to device memory. Only at this point you will find the selected application in the list of the SD card.

We must pay attention to one thing: if once moved the file to the SD card it is displayed in gray, it means that the App cannot be moved to SD, at this point we will have to move it back to the internal memory of the phone. As for photos, videos, audios and other things that might clog the memory, no problem: we can move all the data we want to SD.

Transfer photos and other files on Huawuei and Samsung

Not all Android devices have the option Transfer data to SD card, so we might find ourselves in great difficulty when we intend to move a photo to SD from Android phone. The only thing we can do if this button is missing on our smartphone is to manually move the files.

If you're looking for a smartphone with more space for your photos and other files and, at the same time, want to switch mobile operators, consider which of the following offerings might be right for you:

File Management Apps

If we were unable to move photos or files to the SD, we can try the File Manager App, which you can install directly on your device. The app is quite simple and intuitive to use, the reviews are also quite positive and users seem to like it.

Manual File and Photo Transfer for Android

If we don't want to download yet another App to not further burden our phone, we can try transferring everything to the SD card in other ways. Look for the archive, then select Device Storage. At this point we'll see several options, namely Applications, Images/Videos, Audio, Downloads. Now we can choose the type of file we want to move to SD, click on it and direct it to its new location.

As for images, instead, open the DCIM folder and go to Camera, where we will find all the photos we have taken. At this point, we select the items we want to move to SD, click Move and select the MicroSD as the end point.

Using the PC to transfer data to SD

If we don't feel comfortable managing apps, photos and files all from the smartphone, we have another method we can use. There's no need for great technology, just connect your phone to your PC via a USB cable: at this point you should be able to view both the phone's internal memory and the SD card's memory as two separate folders. The operation is now simple, to move files and photos from the internal memory to the SD card will be enough to do Cut and Paste from one folder to the other. The only thing we have to be careful of is not to move any of the files of the Android operating system.

Transfer files from SD card to phone

To do the reverse process, that is, transfer files from SD card to phone, it should be enough to do the same operation but in reverse: that is, we will have to do all the operations by moving the source and the recipient. If we can't do that, there are some apps that can help us, even free ones like Ghost Commander.