All the news and previews about the new the iPad Mini 5

The iPad Mini 5 continues to take shape, indiscretion after indiscretion. The latest ones come from Japan and describe it as very similar to its predecessor

The long-awaited Apple iPad Mini 5 could arrive very soon. This is claimed by the Japanese site Mac Otakara, which already in the past has proven to be a very reliable source and has collected some news about how the fifth generation of the iPad Mini will be. The last evolution of this Apple tablet, the iPad 4, dates back to 2015 and at the time it was a high-end product with an excellent relationship between size, performance and usability.

The new iPad Mini 5, for this, would not be a revolution compared to the past but, on the contrary, would retain many of the features of its predecessor. First of all, the dimensions: according to Mac Otakara, in fact, the thickness of the next iPad Mini will be 6.1 mm and the diagonal of the screen will be 7.9 inches. Measures identical to the previous model. It will not even have a USB-C port, but only the now classic Lightning connector and a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack. Not even the Face ID should be present on the new mini tablet from Apple: in Cupertino at the moment would lean towards Touch ID as a biometric authentication system.

Differences between iPad Mini 4 and iPad Mini 5

But, then, what will be the differences between iPad Mini 4 and iPad Mini 5? According to Mac Otakara there will be mainly hardware changes under the shell: the processor, for example, will no longer be the old A8 but the newer A10 Fusion. The Japanese site, however, does not yet know whether the A10 will be implemented in its standard or X version. Today, Apple uses the two variants of the processor on different products: the regular A10 Fusion on the iPad 6 and iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, while the X version on devices that need higher performance such as the Apple TV 4K and the iPad Pro. From the iPads, then, even the next Mini would inherit the central position of the microphone. The last doubt not yet dissolved even by Mac Otakara concerns the support for the Apple Pencil: it is not yet known if the iPad Mini 5 will support the old generation, the Apple Pencil 2 (the one of the latest iPad Pro) or neither.

Ipad Mini 5 Release

It is not even certain, finally, when the new small tablet from Apple should arrive on the market: the latest rumors speak of March 22, shortly after the Apple keynote that should take place on a date between March 11 and 20. In the same time frame, pre-orders should start for other highly anticipated Apple devices: AirPower, iPad 2019 and AirPods 2.