All the ways to restart an iPhone X

IPhone X can be restarted in many different ways, with the power button, via forced restart or with the AssistiveTouch menu.

Do you know how to restart iPhone X? If you have exchanged your old iPhone for an iPhone X, you might face some difficulties in the procedure of restarting your phone since it has changed from the previous models. In this guide, we will explain you how to reboot your applephone quickly and easily, and without losing any data. So follow our instructions carefully and you'll have your iPhone X back in no time.

How and when to reboot iPhone X

When should you reboot iPhone X? You may need to turn it off and on again, or you may need to restart it because it has frozen and the screen is not responding. Remember that when you restart the phone, you don't need to re-enter the SIM PIN code in case you have set it. But now let's come to iPhone X restart in case you need to turn it off and on again. Since you can't just use the side power button to turn off the iPhone, you have two solutions to stop it: let's see how to do it.

Restart iPhone X with iOS Settings

Go into System Settings and choose General. Then, scroll to the bottom of the page. Right below the Restore option, you should see the Power Off option. Press it and you will see the classic shutdown screen appear. To confirm the system shutdown, all you have to do is swipe your finger from left to right, following the Swipe to shut down tip.

Restart iPhone X with a key combination

Let's see how to restart iPhone X with keys. If you want to use this second option, to bring up the iPhone X shutdown screen without using iOS settings, you need to perform the combination Right side button plus volume up. One recommendation: hold down the buttons for a few seconds.

In either case, after turning off your phone, you can restart iPhone X as you normally do when you turn it on. You have to hold down the Power button and let go when you see the screen light up. Alternatively, you can put the iPhone on charge to achieve the same result.

How to restart locked iPhone X

Now let's see how to restart iPhone X in case it is locked and won't let you turn it off and on as well as we saw just now. If such a situation occurs, Apple recommends you to resort to forced iPhone X reboot. To reboot the phone in this way, you have to perform a different key combination than the classic one, which is Home button plus Power button.

How to reboot iPhone without touch? If your phone's touch doesn't respond, you can perform a forced restart using the Volume Up, Volume Down and Side Buttons. Remember that these keys should not be pressed at the same time, but should be used in sequence. To restart locked iPhone X, instantly press and release the Volume up button. Immediately after that, do the same thing with Volume Down. At this point, Hold down only the Right side button. Release it only when the Apple logo screen appears.

How to revive iPhone X black screen

Are you wondering how to revive iPhone X black screen? Again, you may need to force reboot your device and you need to proceed in the way we have already seen. You need to quickly press and release the Volume Up key. Then, quickly press and release the Volume Down key. Finally, hold down the side button until you see the Apple logo.

How to restart iPhone X with broken on/off button

Is the on/off button on your iPhone broken or not working? Don't worry, there is a way to restart your phone. You can use the restart function attached to the AssistiveTouch menu. Or you can use another function always attached to AssistiveTouch. In particular, after you enable AssistiveTouch from iOS settings, you have to press on the small dark box with a white circle in the middle that appears on the screen, select the Device icon from the menu that opens and press and hold your finger on the Lock screen icon for a few seconds. Then, if the power button is broken or malfunctioning, you can restart your iPhone by simply plugging the device into the power outlet or the computer using the Lightning/Dock cable.

We hope that the instructions on how to restart iPhone X that we have given you in this guide will be useful in case you need to perform this operation on your phone.