Alternative to Android, comes the new operating system from Google

Google Fuchsia is the operating system on which Big G is working to replace Android: here's the news

For several years now Google has announced that it is working on Fuchsia, codename of a new multi-platform operating system (smartphones, tablets, computers) that should debut in the future. It is a very interesting project on which the Mountain View company is betting a lot, but at the same time we know very little. Google has never wanted to present it publicly and has only shown it sporadically within Google I/O, the annual conference dedicated to developers.

Now, however, a new piece goes to make up the puzzle of Google Fuchsia: the operating system has received the Bluetooth certification by the Special Interest Group (SIG), a fundamental step for every OS and every device before going out. This new step made by Fuchsia testifies to the fact that Google is still very committed to the project and may show a beta version soon. With the certification, the new OS ensures support for Bluetooth 5.0, the most advanced standard available so far.

What will Google Fuchsia be used for

In contrast to Android, whose place it should take, Google Fuchsia is not based on Linux, but is developed from scratch by Google. For this reason, the Mountain View company bets a lot on the project, convinced that it can become the OS on which to base all the devices of the future. Android, despite the huge success it has achieved, could gradually be put aside to make room for Google Fuchsia.

The goal is not too veiled is to create an ecosystem to Apple, where each device can easily communicate with another present in the house through the use of the same operating system.

Google Fuchsia, what does the Bluetooth certification tell us

Google has obtained a new certification from the SIG regarding "Google Sapphire 1.0 Bluetooth Core Host Solution". From previous documents we know that Sapphire is the name used by Google to indicate the Bluetooth of Fuchsia. So far nothing exceptional, but having received the certification from the official body means that the release could be closer and closer.