Amazon Black Friday: how to find the best deals of the day

Although Black Friday 2018 is on September 23, Amazon deals start a week early. Here's where to find products at discounted prices

When does Black Friday start? Much earlier than you might imagine. If until a few years ago Black Friday of super discounts coincided with the day after Thanksgiving day, then with the fourth Friday of November, today the tradition remains only on paper. The various ecommerce stores, followed closely by shopping malls and large retail chains, have increasingly anticipated the start of discounts, disrupting the buying habits of users.

So, although Black Friday 2018 is November 23, offers and time discounts (in jargon, flash offers) begin several days in advance. In this game, Amazon is undoubtedly the best. The e-commerce giant, in fact, has adopted a very aggressive tactic, with offers and promotions starting on the Monday before Black Friday. Indeed, in this 2018, also accomplice to the recent launch in Italy of the Amazon Echo, the Black Friday 2018 discounts have even started a week in advance, with special offers to buy the Echo mini or the smart plug.

Amazon Black Friday offers: when there are

Of course, it's just an appetizer. From November 19 and until November 26 (Cyber Monday 2018 day), Amazon will present hundreds of offers every day. In some cases, these are 24-hour promotions; in other cases, however, they are timed promotions, with duration varying between 30 and 60 minutes (or so).

Amazon Black Friday deals: what to buy

In the best of U.S. traditions, Amazon deals for Black Friday cover a bit of all merchandise categories. Much of the attention will obviously be directed to products and hi-tech gadgets, but sifting through the huge catalog of the portal created by Jeff Bezos you can find a bit 'of everything: from household tools to clothing, from suitcases to accessories for the car. In short, if you have to buy something, we strongly recommend you to periodically check the Amazon deals page, where you can find the best deals of the day on products of all kinds.

How to find Amazon Black Friday deals

Despite what you may think, finding Amazon Black Friday deals is easier than you think. In order to make shopping easier for users, in fact, the e-commerce giant groups the deals of the day and flash offers within a special section of the site: all you have to do is open the dedicated page and browse it until you find what interests you. Some tricks, however, will help you to stay up to date and find the product you wanted to buy for a long time. First of all, it is more than advisable to subscribe to Amazon Prime, the free delivery service of the e-commerce giant allows you to access exclusive discounts during the week of Black Friday Amazon, as well as give you free access to services such as Prime Video and Prime Music. Also, in the case of first-time membership, the first thirty days are free. In case, then, you can't follow the offers from the website, it's convenient to download the app on your smartphone and click on the Black Friday Week banner and check the best Amazon deals of the day.