Amazon Black Friday, the most purchased products in the last 10 years

Amazon turns 10 and tells itself: what are the best-selling products during Black Friday in the last decade

Amazon's early Black Friday is about to end peer make way for the real "Black Friday" of discounts and offers from Friday 20 to Monday 30 November. In 10 years, customers' habits have changed and the e-commerce giant remembers it with a list of the best-selling products in the decade.

In Amazon's early days in Italy, the three categories most purchased on the e-commerce site during Black Friday were books, consumer electronics and household products. On the fifth birthday of Jeff Bezos' giant, perishable goods such as water, eggs, bananas and milk also entered the best-sellers list, thanks to the introduction of the Prime Now delivery service in just a few hours. In recent years, the purchase of smartphones and accessories, such as covers or chargers, has also increased on the shopping platform, along with personal care and beauty products. In the top 10 best sellers, Amazon traces its history and that of its customers, who choose e-commerce every day for their purchases.

10 years of Amazon Black Friday: the best sellers

In the 10 years of Black Friday, the top 10 most purchased products see in the first positions books, especially for children and teens, and electronics, from wireless accessories to computer accessories. Tra il 2016 e il 2019 poi c’è stato un aumento delle vendite dei prodotti per la casa, dall’home decor ai casalinghi, e di quelli per la bellezza e la cura della persona, con l’introduzione di un’apposita sezione nel sito di

Nella categoria informatica e accessori di Amazon, sono cresciute le vendite di accessori wireless e bluetooth, oltre che di mouse, tastiere e componentistica per il computer. Anche il settore di smartphone e accessori è cresciuto su, registrando ottime offerte soprattutto durante il periodo del Prime Day e del Black Friday.

Ecco la top 10 dei prodotti best seller del Black Friday di tra il 2010 e il 2019:

  1. Libri per bambini e ragazzi;
  2. Accessori wireless;
  3. Accessori per il computer;
  4. Home Decor;
  5. Casalinghi;
  6. Illuminazione;
  7. Libri di letteratura e studi letterari;
  8. Wireless Bluetooth;
  9. Cura della persona;
  10. Memorie per computer.

Amazon Prime Now: the first 5 years in Italy

Since November 3, 2015, Amazon has also launched in Italy the Prime Now service, exclusively for Amazon Prime customers, which thanks to super-fast deliveries in just a few hours has allowed an increase in sales of perishable or everyday products, such as food, drinks and household detergents.

The service arrived first in Milan, then in 2018 in Rome and finally in Turin in 2019. In fact, the absolute most purchased products over the past five years on Prime Now in Italy have been water, eggs, bananas and milk.