Amazon Chime, the video calling service for businesses

Amazon Chime offers a range of services for SMBs ranging from chats, file sharing and video calls. Several subscription solutions

Microsoft is on notice: its video calling service has a new competitor: Amazon. The Californian company has just announced Amazon Chime, a new application for teleconferences, especially designed for companies and SMEs.

The app, recently presented by the e-commerce giant, has been added to the Amazon Web Service, the cloud platform of the company founded by Bezos. With Chime, Amazon will offer its subscribers a series of services ranging from chats, file sharing and precisely video calls. The features provided by the new application will be available both for mobile devices and for desktop computers and for almost all operating systems. Chime, in fact, will run on Windows, on iOS and on devices that work with Android. The new service, from what we learn, will be accessible to all users of Amazon's cloud platform.

Amazon Chime, quality video and audio

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Chime is aimed, as seen, primarily at businesses. Amazon therefore launches the challenge to other platforms, which already offer similar services. Among these we find, as seen, Skype for Business and Slack. According to Bezos' company, Chime will offer quality video and audio. Among the different functions available in Chime there is also the possibility to "turn off" the microphone to one or more participants in the videoconference. The goal of the American company is to offer a platform for business that is accessible from both PC and mobile devices.

Amazon Chime: the different subscription solutions

Amazon provides different subscription solutions, depending on the needs of various organizations. In fact, Chime can be used in the "Basic" version, which is free and includes only voice calls and video conferencing. The Plus service, instead, costs $2.50 per month and adds other functions, including screen sharing. Amazon Chime Pro, which has a monthly subscription of $15, also includes the ability to extend video conferencing up to 100 users.

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