Amazon Echo Input for Alexa arrives in Italy: what it is and how it works

Fitted with four microphones, it transforms a Bluetooth speaker into a smart speaker. And it allows you to use Alexa skills and control your smart home

The range of Echo products available in Italy is further enriched. After the launch of Alexa and the Amazon Echo of the Amazon Echo Dot and the Amazon Echo Plus, the company headed by Steve Bezos introduces in our country the Amazon Echo Input, the smallest device in the series to be equipped with the artificial intelligence of Alexa.

To tell the truth, however, it is not a real smart speaker like those introduced a few months ago, but it is still a device that can make you interact with Amazon's voice assistant and put at your disposal all its skills and the ability to control smart home devices (such as light bulbs, thermostats, smart doorbells and dozens of other compatible devices).

What is Amazon Echo Input

Amazon's Echo Input, as the name suggests, is a peripheral to connect to Bluetooth speakers we already own thanks to the 3.5 mm audio jack input and equip it with Alexa features. As mentioned, it is not a smart speaker, as much as a smart microphone, able to listen to everything we say thanks to the four directional microphones with which it is equipped and analyze it thanks to the artificial intelligence algorithms of Alexa. The voice assistant, to speak to us, will instead exploit the components of the speaker to which the Echo Input is connected, thus becoming to all intents and purposes a smart speaker like Echo Dot or Echo.

Cost and availability Italy Amazon Echo Input

As mentioned, the Echo Input is already available and can be purchased on the Amazon store at a price of 39 euros. Users with Amazon Prime will be able to take advantage of free one-day shipping.