Amazon Echo Show, touch screen, video calls and a thousand other features

Amazon presents Echo Show, the new personal assistant that will allow you to manage the smart devices in your home and make video calls

The future is of personal assistants: we will increasingly need devices that help us manage our lives and our appointments. The first example was virtual assistants: from Siri to Cortana, via Google Assistant. Then came the "home" assistants, devices capable of managing smart devices in the home. Now we have arrived at a turning point thanks to Amazon Echo Show.

The U.S. company has presented the latest device in the Echo series that will replace the old personal assistant. But for the occasion, Amazon has completely revolutionized the design: it has said goodbye to the "top hat" shape to embrace the style similar to that of a digital picture frame. In fact, Amazon Echo Show has a seven-inch screen and speakers that allow you to play your favorite songs. The most important feature of the new Amazon Echo Show is definitely the seven-inch touch screen that allows you to interact with the main features of the device. Logically, the device connects to the Internet thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity. Through the touchscreen, the user will be able to choose which song he/she wants to listen to on Amazon Music or on the main music streaming applications such as Spotify and Pandora. In addition, it will be possible to watch videos on YouTube and read the songs' tracks. But the most interesting feature is the possibility to make video calls to other people who have an Echo device or the Alexa application. A real revolution that may change the home phone industry in the coming years.

Two speakers reproduce sound, while eight microphones capture the user's voice by canceling the noise coming from outside. The speakers are designed so that the sound will be heard even if the user is in nearby rooms. Everything will be managed as always by Alexa, the artificial intelligence developed by Amazon.

The perfect device for the smart home

Logically, the smart home features could not be missed. Amazon Echo Show is the hub that manages all the devices for the smart home: the user can control the security of the home through the video surveillance cameras and monitor the health of the newborn through the baby monitor. But that's not all. With Echo Show it will be possible to set the time to turn on the heaters and schedule the start of the washing machine. All remotely through the smartphone app. The device supports other applications such as Uber and Jeopardy!

Price and availability

Amazon Echo Show will be available from June 28 at a price of 229.99 dollars, and will also be launched in Germany a price of 240 euros. As for Italy there is no news also because of the lack of support for the language of the Bel Paese by Alexa.

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