Amazon Echo: what the notification colors of the ring mean

To communicate with users Alexa uses the luminous circle present on top of the device: here is the meaning of the 11 available combinations

Like all smart speakers, Amazon Echo also has a certain amount of artificial intelligence and its responses prove it, improving day by day. Communication between the user and Amazon Echo, however, doesn't just happen through voice and audio, but also visually with the notification colors of the Amazon Echo ring.

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And here, to be fair, Amazon's ergonomics and user interface specialists haven't done a stellar job: there are in fact as many as 11 possible color and light combinations of the Amazon Echo ring that tell the user just as many things. If you can't figure out what Echo is doing, then, it's not just your fault: the visual communication between you and it can only be effective if you memorize all 11 combinations. Not exactly convenient, but it's true. Here, then, is what the colors and lights (fixed, rotating, or flashing) of the Amazon Echo ring mean.

Fixed blue with rotating cyan shades

In this case, your Amazon Echo is still being turned on. So it's perfectly useless for you to talk to it: it's not ready to listen to you yet.

Still blue with cyan undertones pointing towards the person talking

The device is on, it's working but Alexa is still processing the request. Be patient, within a short while you will receive the response you are waiting for.

Alternation of solid blue and cyan

This color combination appears in the Amazon Echo ring during the device's response. If Echo has picked up more than one question, by looking at where the cyan color is you can tell who it is answering.

Orange light rotating clockwise

In this case the device is connecting to the Wi-Fi network. Since Amazon Echo needs the connection with Amazon's servers to give you any answers, it's useless for you to ask it questions if it's not connected yet.

Flashing violet light

This light, on the other hand, means that an error occurred during Wi-Fi setup. As above: until it establishes a stable connection, Echo can't give you answers.

Fixed red light

If you see the solid red light, it means that you have disabled Amazon Echo's microphone. So he's not listening to you right now (hopefully) and it's impossible to communicate with him via voice commands. Press the Microphone button to turn it back on.

Flashing yellow light

When Amazon Echo's ring light is yellow and flashing, it means there's a message or notification waiting. You can say phrases like "Play my messages" or "What notifications do I have?" to hear them.

Flashing green light

If the light is green and flashing it means you have received a call, or someone is doing Drop In on your device. The Drop In feature is a kind of intercom between multiple Alexa-compatible devices or between multiple contacts.

Green light spinning counterclockwise

If the green light spins counterclockwise, it means a call (or a Drop In call) is in progress. If the Echo ring light changes during a call, it means that the connection between you and your contact has dropped or something is stuck in your or his device.

White light

The white light on Amazon Echo indicates one very simple thing: you are adjusting the volume level on the device. If you don't see the white light come on when you adjust the volume, something is wrong.

Single purple light after interacting with Alexa

This light, on the other hand, indicates that you've turned on Do Not Disturb mode. In case of calls, messages and Drop In, you won't receive any notification until you disable Do Not Disturb.