Amazon Fire TV has a new interface: what changes

Amazon has launched a new interface for its Fire TV devices: here's what changes and for which ones it's already available

The e-commerce giant continues to invest in Fire TV Stick devices. Amazon's TV sticks are a popular and constantly renewed product: on March 25, the company announced the arrival of a new graphical interface for its users, after the launch of new features last December 2020.

If in the past months there were already important innovations to improve the navigation experience of the Fire TV interface, with the Suggested for you and Find section, now Amazon raises the bar. In the newly announced interface comes a revamped main menu bar, which will appear simplified, and the App Peeks feature to look at all the most popular apps. At the moment, the new Fire TV interface is available for Fire Tv Stick 4K, Fire Tv Cube and Fire TV third generation devices, but by the end of the year it could be coming to other devices as well.

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Fire TV: how the new interface works

Amazon has unveiled the new Fire TV interface, calling it the biggest update ever developed for its platform so far. Starting March 25, users will be able to log in through their profile and use the new main menu bar, which has a simplified design, and where they can add their favorite apps so they are guaranteed quick access at all times.

Among the new features, App Peeks, which lets you explore all of the most popular Fire TV apps, also stands out, as well as the Find feature, which lets you search for content according to categories, such as TV shows and movies.

Fire TV: what devices the new interface is coming for

Amazon's new Fire TV interface is also available starting March 25 on add-on devices including the Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Cube and third-generation Fire TV. Support for second-generation Fire TV Stick smart TVs, on the other hand, is expected later this year.

Fire TV: the December 2020 update

This is the second update after the one launched last December, when the interface was updated with a significantly improved design. In December, Fire TV could count on new sections on the Home screen, such as the Suggested for You section, with movies, TV series, apps and games for the user. The Find section, on the other hand, introduced the Find function to find content in an easy and intuitive way. Important news also for Alexa, which will allow you to easily switch between the six maximum profiles available per household.