Amazon Fresh has arrived in Turin: how to use it and what you can buy

After Milan and Rome, Amazon Fresh expands the range of cities covered by the service: the home shopping of the e-commerce giant arrives in the Savoy city

Doing your shopping from the comfort of your computer or smartphone, sitting in an armchair or while you're out and about, with the opportunity to choose from a wide range of products that in a few hours are available at your doorstep. This is the service offered by Amazon Fresh that, as of today, lands in its third Italian city.

A little more than a year and a half after its debut, first in Milan and then in Rome, Amazon Fresh also touches Turin. More than seven thousand articles - and constantly updated - already included in the dedicated section of the website and app. Everything is just a click away and delivered quickly, thanks to the logistics center built specifically in the city area, which will allow the recruitment of about 60 employees over the next three years. In the company's plans, however, there is more, since it aims to further expand its area of influence in the sector, promising the addition of new cities by the end of the year.

Amazon Fresh in Turin, how to use it

To start selecting what to buy on Amazon Fresh, simply connect to the Amazon website or use the specific section of the official application, through the item "Supermarket" in the menu visible at the top of the interface and, then, tapping on the logo of the service. In a matter of moments you'll have the possibility to access the entire offer of the store, choosing what you're interested in and putting it in your cart on par with what normally happens when you buy on Amazon.

Once you've completed your shopping list, you can choose the most convenient time slot for the delivery: these are 2-hour slots that start from 8am until midnight, for the same day or the following ones. This has a cost of € 3.49 but, if the order exceeds 50 euros, it becomes free. For those who want to reduce the window to 1 hour, the costs rise to € 4.99 for shopping worth more than € 50 and € 7.99 if less.

The Amazon Fresh service is dedicated to customers who have subscribed to Prime and provides a minimum expenditure of € 15. To inaugurate the arrival in Turin, users can benefit from a discount of 10 euros on their first purchase with the promotional code 10FRESH, to be entered in the appropriate field during payment.

Amazon Fresh in Turin, what to buy

The products in the catalog are many and belonging to the most disparate categories. They range from fresh, including baked goods, milk and dairy products, cheese and cold cuts, meat, fish, fruit and vegetables with a selection of organic, local (including the production of the Centrale del Latte di Torino) and food for special diets, to packaged food, such as pasta, sauces, jams and other pantry items. There are also frozen foods, among which there is a proposal of ready meals to be prepared in a few minutes.

To these is added the selection for hygiene and personal care for adults and children, home and pets; just for our four-legged friends there is a wide selection of dedicated food of the best brands on the market. There are also beverages, including wine and beer, stationery items and a space with all the active offers, to buy saving.

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