Amazon gives away free products: here are what they are

Amazon has launched in Italy the Product Sampling service that gives away free products to users. Here's who can receive them and how it works

Amazon Product Sampling, the service of the e-commerce site that allows users to receive free samples of some products chosen directly by Amazon, has also arrived in Italy. Selected users have no obligation: neither to be subscribed to Prime nor to buy the products they receive for free. The only requirement is to receive promotional emails from time to time from Amazon.

This service was already active in other countries and has been quite successful. The operation is very similar to that of perfumeries or grocery stores where every now and then there are free samples for people to test new products. Amazon's goal is to build customer loyalty on products that users usually buy elsewhere, such as household products and personal hygiene. The service is already active in Italy and you don't have to do anything to sign up: it's the same company to select the people to whom to send the free sample.

How to receive free products from Amazon

There are no particular requirements to be met to receive free samples from Amazon. In fact, the service is not reserved for Amazon Prime users and there is also no obligation to buy them after testing them. To get the free products, however, you need to receive promotional emails from Amazon.

To activate this feature, you need to open "My Account", enter the "Email Alerts, Messages and Announcements " section and change the Communication Preferences, agreeing to receive messages from Amazon.

To receive the free products you don't even have to sign up for any particular event, but it's Amazon who selects the people to whom they want to send the free samples.

What are the free products shipped by Amazon

As you can read in the page dedicated to the service on Amazon, there is no standard list of products that are sent, but from time to time they are changed and decided by the e-commerce site. Usually these are products for personal hygiene, or material for cleaning the house (such as tablets for washing dishes). Samples of pet products are also sent.