Amazon, how to buy in installments without interest

Amazon is introducing in Italy the installment purchase: you can pay for a product with 5 installments of equal amount. Here's how it works

Buy online, at the best price, with free shipping and also in installments with no interest applied. A dream? No, it's what we will soon be able to do with many items for sale on Amazon, which has just opened in Italy to installment payments. At the moment we are in the testing phase: the products that you can buy in installments are very few and not all are enabled to this type of payment. But it is clear that the road is traced.

To pay in installments we must have an enabled account and the enablement, or not, Amazon decides directly based on some parameters of reliability of the buyer. If everything is ok we can pay in five installments of equal amount charged monthly on our credit card or debit. Even if we choose to pay in installments, moreover, most of the conditions of sale of Amazon remain valid except one, important: the payment in installments does not provide the possibility to exchange an item (unless, of course, the goods are not defective). In these hours some Realme X2 smartphones have appeared on Amazon Italy that can be purchased in installments, sold and shipped directly from Amazon.

Who can pay in installments on Amazon

Not everyone will be enabled to pay in installments for products purchased on Amazon. In fact, it is necessary to be resident in Italy, have an active account for at least one year, have a valid credit or debit card already associated with the account (pre-paid cards are not valid) and that expires at least 20 days after the date on which we will pay the last installment. In addition, our account must have "a good payment history on".

What you can buy in installments on Amazon

Not everything can be bought in installments on The payment method is only applicable to new and certified refurbished products (but not "Amazon Wharehouse Deals") sold and shipped directly from Amazon. A smartphone sold by the manufacturer and shipped by Amazon, therefore, cannot be paid in installments. It is possible to pay in installments "only one Product or Device of a particular Category": if we want to buy two products both in the category "Electronics", for example, we will be able to pay in installments only one. When we have finished paying the installments for this product we can buy another product in that category but, in the meantime, we can buy an installment product in the category "Stationery and office products".

How installments work on Amazon

If we are eligible for installment payments, and if the product can be bought in installments, then Amazon will show us the option "Pay in 5 monthly installments of TOT euros". Proceeding with the purchase, we will be deducted from the card the amount of the first installment at the time of shipment of the goods. Then, every thirty days, the amount of the following installments will be deducted. The last installment, the fifth, we will pay then 120 days after the product has been shipped. Amazon reserves the right, if there are problems on one of our cards registered in the account, to withdraw the money from another card. In any case, we will always be free to prepay an installment or the entire remaining amount. Amazon does not charge interest on installments.