Amazon Kindle vs Kobo: the comparison

Choosing an e-reader may seem easy, but it's not: which one to choose between Amazon's Kindle and Rakuten's Kobo for ebook reading

For reading enthusiasts, an e-reader is a convenient and comfortable way to get access to lots of books and never run out of stimulation. Amazon's Kindle line of e-readers has dominated the market for years, but there are also alternatives such as Kobo devices.

Reading from an electronic device has become commonplace and ebooks are available in a variety of formats. Using an Android tablet or iPad, however, doesn't always prove to be a convenient choice. The devices' batteries tend to run out quickly and the displays tend to strain the eyes. E-readers such as Amazon's Kindle and Rakuten Kobo are designed for longer battery life and comfortable screen reading even after hours. So here are the main features and differences of the two e-readers in comparison.

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Amazon Kindle: the features

When it comes to e-readers, Amazon's Kindle line is the best known and used among ebook readers. The product has been perfected over the years and there are different versions that adapt to the needs of each reader. They range from the basic Kindle that now have the front light integrated, to versions with additional features such as the PaperWhite, Voyage and Oasis. The various models also differ in screen size and memory capacities.

Amazon's e-reader allows you to read the proprietary Kindle 8, Kindle, TXT, PDF, unprotected MOBI, PRC, HTML, DOC, DOCX, JPEG, GIF, PNG and PMO formats, while it does not support the ePub format and those of CBZ or CBR comics, which is why comics will have to be purchased from Amazon with a format that is compatible.

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Kobo: features

The Kobo e-readers produced by Rakuten Kobo are also a popular product for e-book readers. In particular, they offer better display quality, with technology designed to ensure long hours of reading without straining the eyes. As with the Kindle, Kobo e-readers come in different variations in terms of screen size, memory capacity and battery life.

Unlike the Kindle, Kobo e-readers natively read ePub files, so users will be able to upload their own books without the need to purchase them from an online bookstore. In addition, Kobo also offers a cloud reading experience and allows syncing of ebooks across all devices.

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Kindle vs Kobo: the main differences

The Kobo offers a separate switch to adjust the backlight, which can then be easily changed by swiping up with your finger. In contrast, adjusting the brightness on the Kindle forces the reader to enter the Settings menu.

Another difference is the fonts available. The Kobo reader offers a wide range of fonts and is easily customizable compared to Kindle, which has few fonts. In addition, Kobo's have a control function and users will be able to change the length and margins of the written text for more comfortable reading.

Both Amazon and Rakuten Kobo then offer different models at different costs, which will fit every pocket. Choosing between the two e-readers is not easy. For those who prefer more customization and storage capacity, we recommend the Kobo. For those who want a high quality product, durable and that also allows you to listen to audiobooks, the e-reader recommended is the Kindle.

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