Amazon launches Fire TV, 4K TV with Alexa on board

Element Amazon Fire TV Edition 4K is the first smart TV with the Fire operating system installed. It will arrive on the market at a price of about $450

The smart TV sector is enriched with a new competitor, which will surely make life more difficult for many companies. We're talking about Amazon that, in collaboration with the Chinese company TCL, has started to produce the first smart TVs with the Fire TV operating system inside.

The company of Jeff Bezos already has some experience in the field: for several years it has been producing sticks to be connected to the USB port of the TV and that allow you to have additional features and access to streaming video services such as YouTube and Netflix. With the Element Amazon Fire TV Edition 4K smart TV, the e-commerce platform takes a decisive step forward: Fire TV, Amazon's operating system, is installed directly in the TV and users will be able to download applications and watch movies without having to connect the set top box.

Features Element Amazon Fire TV Edition 4K TV

To make the first smart TV with its own operating system, Amazon has partnered with Chinese manufacturer TCL, also famous for making Alcatel smartphones and the new BlackBerry KEYOne. The TV mounts a screen with 4K resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels) and with 16GB of internal memory to record their favorite programs. Another very interesting feature is the presence of Alexa, Amazon's artificial intelligence. The user will be able to "converse" with the smart TV and consult the channel list or change programs by "talking" directly with the TV. In addition, Alexa will suggest programs to watch depending on the user's habits.

The smart TV mounts the latest version of the Fire TV operating system with a completely renewed graphical interface. In addition to the channels visible in free-to-air, users will be able to install applications of the main streaming video platforms: Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and YouTube.

Price and availability

Element Amazon Fire TV Edition 4K will be made in different versions depending on the size of the screen. It starts from the 43-inch version that will be available on the e-commerce platform for $449 (just over 400 euros) until you get to the 65-inch model that will cost $889 (about 800 euros). The smart TVs will be available from June, but, at least at first, they won't be available for purchase in Italy.