Amazon Music Unlimited: what it is, how it works and how much it costs

With Amazon Music Unlimited you can access a catalog with over 60 million songs to listen to streaming without ads. Read here!

In the music streaming sector Amazon offers one of the most popular services, Music Unlimited, the premium option with a more comprehensive catalog than the basic Amazon Music package. While the latter is included within the Prime subscription, Music Unlimited is an independent service to be purchased separately, an alternative to exclusive platforms such as Spotify Premium, Apple Music, Google Play Music, Deezer Premium, Tidal and YouTube Music Premium. Here are all the details about Amazon Music Unlimited, to understand how it works, how much it costs and what it offers more than other services.

What is Amazon Music Unlimited

Music Unlimited is Amazon's premium platform for streaming music, a more exclusive version than the basic Amazon Music service included in the Prime package for subscribers of the American e-commerce. The catalog makes available more than 60 million music tracks, positioning itself as one of the best collections in the industry. The music library can be accessed via any device, smartphone, tablet or PC, with the possibility of connecting through the web console or the app for Android and iOS downloadable from the Google Play Store and App Store.

In the Music Unlimited catalog are proposed more commercial tracks, including all the biggest hits of Italian and international music, as well as a wide assortment of less mainstream tracks, with many songs by little-known artists and less popular genres. Amazon's premium service offers ad-free music streaming, offline listening with the ability to download tracks within the app to create your own playlists, and is also compatible with voice commands, the Alexa virtual assistant and all smart speakers in the Amazon Echo line.

How Amazon Music Unlimited works

The functioning of Amazon Music Unlimited is really simple, in fact you just have to go to the appropriate web page within the portal and select the tariff plan that best suits your needs (you can find out about Amazon Music Unlimited subscriptions here). After choosing the most suitable option among those available you just need to download the Music Unlimited app, downloading it for Android or iOS mobile devices depending on your device. At the same time you can access it online via the web platform, which is compatible with all major browsers and macOS and Windows PCs.

Inside the application is modern and intuitive, with a simple to navigate and well-designed graphical interface, to easily find all the music tracks you want. The catalog is on demand, so it's always available for streaming, you can also create custom playlists, you can configure dedicated radio stations or listen to those proposed by the platform, with suggestions based on the tracks you've listened to and a detailed history of the tracks already played. With mobile devices you can download music to start playing even offline, a service proposed only for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets in addition to Amazon's Fire tablets.

Music Unlimited works with voice commands and the virtual assistant Alexa, so you can use your voice to play music tracks by indicating "Alexa, play Imagine by John Lennon", or load a whole playlist "Alexa, listen to the playlist 100 Greatest Rock Songs". Of course, to use voice commands you first need to download the Alexa app to your device, otherwise you need to have an Amazon Echo smart speaker with Alexa built in. With these smart speakers you can listen to all your favorite music tracks, just ask Amazon's voice assistant, also you can subscribe directly with your voice, just ask "Alexa, try Amazon Music Unlimited".

How much does Amazon Music Unlimited subscription cost

Amazon provides 3 different subscriptions for Music Unlimited, starting with the basic plan at 9.99 euros per month, while for Prime service customers there is also a discounted option with annual payment at 99 euros per year instead of 119.88 euros, that is, with two free months. This package provides single sign-on, so it's an individual service to access from only one device at a time. Alternatively, there's the Family subscription for €14.99 per month, or for Prime customers the annual payment mode offered at €149 per year, again with two free months and a discounted price.

With Music Unlimited's Family plan, you can access with 6 different accounts, for each of which you can configure custom settings, including dedicated playlists and an individual offline music list. Finally, Amazon also offers the Music Unlimited Echo subscription, to listen to music inside Amazon Echo devices with a discounted cost of 3.99 euros per month, however you can upgrade and switch to the individual or family plan according to your needs. All solutions include a free trial period of 30 days, to experience the service and choose whether to continue or activate the cancellation without any additional cost or penalty.