Amazon patents flying warehouse. Packages come from the sky

Jeff Bezos' company would like to continue to amaze. After successfully concluding the first drone delivery, it thinks about how to make everything "flying"

That Amazon and its founder, Jeff Bezos, dream big is no longer a secret to anyone. But the latest patent filed on behalf of the e-commerce giant surprises, most likely, even the most imaginative and inspired fan of the U.S. company.

Amazon, in fact, intends to transfer the warehouses and distribution centers in the sky, so as to further speed up the process of distribution and delivery of items ordered by users all over. These are, to tell the truth, temporary structures designed for events capable of attracting a large volume of public for a very limited period of time. A fitting example is that of a sports competition or a concert: thanks to the "flying warehouses", Amazon will be able to deliver in a matter of minutes products purchased by the public via their smartphones (food in particular, but not only).

How Amazon's aerial deliveries work for big events

The project patented by the world's leading e-commerce company also includes complementary structures that have the task of replenishing the flying warehouses in case they run out of goods, but also shuttles that can transport people and other items directly on board the distribution center. What attracts users' attention the most, however, is the shape of the warehouses: real airships capable of flying through the skies for hours on end.

The flying distribution network will also rely on an information network that allows the various aircraft to exchange data on weather conditions, wind speed or send electronic products - such as ebooks - to users on the ground.