Amazon, possible to talk to dogs and cats within 10 years

Amazon is working on a translation system for dog and cat noises that it wants to launch in ten years, here's how it might work

Talking to your pet. Some people already do it, and according to psychologists and veterinarians, the habit of talking to your cat or dog at home helps people to be happier, as well as strengthen their relationship with the animal. But according to Amazon, this habit is about to be revolutionized by technology.

According to the U.S. ecommerce giant, in fact, within ten years we will be able to converse with the cat or chat with the dog. It sounds like an oddity, or at most the plot of the famous movie with Eddie Murphy Doctor Doolittle. In reality it is not madness, in fact Amazon is working to realize a sort of automatic translator that can recognize the meowing or barking of our pet to be able to understand what it is trying to tell us. According to the first forecasts, Amazon plans to launch this translator for pets on its e-commerce website by 2027-2028.

Amazon: this is how the translator for pets will look like

In order to realize this translator for pets, Amazon is working closely with anthropologists, scientists and especially biologists. For example, the e-commerce company wants to apply the experience gathered in the field by Professor Con Slobodchikoff to a machine-learning artificial intelligence. The Northern Arizona University biologist who spent 30 years of his life studying the behavior of prairie dogs, the curious thing is that prairie dogs are not dogs but a type of rodent. According to Amazon, however, this species is perfect to test the progress of its animal translator, prairie dogs in fact have a sophisticated language system that also thanks to the work of Professor Con Slobodchikoff has been quite codified by humans. According to Amazon, if artificial intelligence could translate the calls of these cute rodents, it would be ready to start translating the cries of our dogs or cats as well.

To study the cries of animals and be able to translate them requires a system capable of analyzing an immense amount of data. That's why only now some companies are starting to experiment with animal translators, given the great strides made by artificial intelligence in recent years.