Amazon Prime Day 2019: the best deals coming

Amazon Prime Day 2019 is approaching: here's a list with all the products we might find on discount on July 15 and 16, 2019

It will last 48 hours (from 00:00 on Monday, July 15 to 23:59 on Tuesday, July 16) and no longer 36 as in the past the Amazon Prime Day 2019. Also this year, the super discounts for Amazon Prime customers promise to be greedy, also because of the already announced "WOW offers" at bargain prices.

Amazon's "Summer Black Friday" will propose really important discounts, such as Blink XT cameras at 50% (119€ to 59€, thanks to the WOW offer) already pre-announced to whet the appetite of Prime subscribers. Many Amazon users, for this reason, are proceeding in these hours to sign up for the free trial of Prime for 30 days, so they can take advantage of Prime Day. To grab the best products at the lowest price, however, also this year you will need to follow very carefully the offers published that, at least the most advantageous, will all be lightning and while stocks last.

Amazon Prime Day 2019: the best deals and what to buy

During the 48 hours of Prime Day you will find many discounted products. Most users, however, will focus on consumer electronics that having quite high prices are cheaper to buy when they are on discount. You could make great deals, for example, on mid-range smartphones: a category of products where you just need 50 euros more or less to decide to buy. The same goes for home automation and smart devices (smart thermostats, surveillance cameras, smart speakers etc. etc.): on a complete kit you can save even more than 200 euros. Even with regard to televisions you can make good deals: certainly on models not the latest generation, for which there are large discounts, but do not exclude some offer on newer products.

Should pay close attention to the offers also lovers of digital photography: the 48 hours of Prime Day 2019 could be the good ones to take off a whim and buy at a much more affordable price a lens, a flash or other useful accessories to improve their shots. Another category that should tune the antennas during Amazon Prime Day are the hardened gamers: consoles, controllers, video games are all products that in the past have already been put at a heavy discount during the event dedicated to Prime customers.