Amazon Prime Day 2021: the ultimate guide and deals

The pandemic this time did not stop the most anticipated event of the year by Amazon Prime customers. Prime Day 2021 will be on June 21 and 22, but while waiting you can already prepare for the 48-hour event of discounts and offers not to be missed.

As every year, Amazon organizes for Prime service subscribers a two-day special discounts on all categories of products on sale in e-commerce. From smartphones and tablets to laptops, PC accessories, smart TVs for entertainment and even the best routers and modems. Many, many products to choose the best one at the lowest price. Navigating through the offers is not easy and that's why Libero Tecnologia offers you this definitive guide: here you can find the official dates of Prime Day 2021, find out what it is and how it works, but above all find a selection of the best offers to not miss a single opportunity to make a great deal. Ecco cosa c’è da sapere sul Prime Day 2021 e come arrivare preparati.

Quando è il Prime Day e quanto dura: le date

Il tanto atteso Prime Day 2021 è quindi in arrivo il prossimo mese di giugno. Questa volta la pandemia da Covid-19 non fermerà i due giorni di sconti e offerte speciali che Amazon riserva ogni anno ai suoi clienti abbonati al servizio Prime. Le date dell’evento 2021, saranno il 21 e 22 giugno. Intanto, sarà bene iniziare a prepararsi per poter approfittare delle offerte in arrivo.

  • dal 2 al 22 giugno: offerte sui servizi Amazon Prime Video, Music Unlimited, Kindle Unlimited
  • dal 7 al 20 giugno: offerte Lead Up 10×10
  • 21 e 22 giugno: Amazon Prime Day 2021

Cos’è il Prime Day e come funziona

Per poter trovare le migliori occasioni, bisogna prima di tutto sapere cos’è il Prime Day e come funziona. Every year Amazon organizes a 48-hour event for its Prime customers in which thousands of products from many different merchandise categories are sold at discounted prices. These are promotions with a limited duration: they range from Lightning Deals, which last a few hours at most, to the sale of a certain number of discounted products, for which the offer will end once the available stock is exhausted.

For this reason, Prime subscribers who want to take advantage of the exceptional discounts will have to keep an eye on the site in order not to miss a single deal and receive the purchased product directly at home.

How to sign up for Amazon Prime

The first step to be able to access the 48 hours of Prime Day 2021 discounts is, of course, to be subscribed to the Amazon Prime service. Becoming a Prime customer offers so many benefits, which go far beyond the two annual days of mega discounts. Subscribing to the service each user can take advantage of fast, unlimited and free deliveries for their purchases and dedicated offers, but above all special content for their own entertainment.

Being a Prime subscriber means being able to watch TV series and movies on Prime Video, listen to your favorite songs on Amazon Music, read books on Prime Reading and even for gamers follow the live broadcasts and take advantage of games on Twitch Prime. Signing up for Prime is easy, just click this link, create your Amazon account if you don't already have one and then subscribe at a cost of €3.99 per month or €36 per year, with the first 30 days free.

What are and how do lead up 10×10 deals work

Amazon's special offers, however, don't just come with Prime Day. Every day, users can take advantage of interesting discounts on many products: from the Deals of the Day to the Lightning Deals, which offer products at reduced prices for a specific period of time, from one day to a few hours.

This year too, from June 7 to 20, Amazon is reintroducing the 10×10 Lead Up Deals, a special type of discounts launched in the days before the actual Prime Day. By making a purchase of at least €10 from a select group of small and medium-sized manufacturers, who have their own store on Amazon's marketplace, users will receive a €10 voucher to be used for their own Prime Day purchases on any type of product.

How to follow Amazon Prime Day offers

To not miss out on even one of the most interesting Prime day 2021 offers, each customer has their own strategy. There are those who prefer to point to a product to buy and keep an eye on it until the best price arrives and those who instead let themselves be tempted by the Featured Offers of the Amazon event, discovering the products on discount from day to day.

Also, you can follow the best deals of the day selected by Libero Tecnologia: smart TVs, smartphones, smartwatches, PCs, tablets, Bluetooth headsets and hard drives. We will propose the best hi-tech products with the most interesting discounts not to be missed to accompany you in the Prime Day 2021 adventure.

For those interested in clothing, fashion, home products and make-up, the DiLei website will propose the best selections to buy. There's no shortage of advice for motor enthusiasts either: whether it's accessories for your car, or products for your motorcycle, you'll find them in the Virgilio Motori site's selection.

To not miss even one of the offers of Prime Day 2021, follow our advice by saving this article among your browser favorites, or by going to Google News on this page and clicking "Follow".

The best offers

Although Prime Day is the 48-hour event where the biggest discounts are concentrated, the offers on Amazon's e-commerce are never lacking. Being a Prime customer, in fact, gives you access to discounted prices for Amazon's other paid content services: from Audible to Amazon Music Unlimited.

The deals then cover virtually every category on Amazon's site. You can find bargains on smartphones, from mid-range to top of the range, as well as tablets, laptops and various accessories. From Bluetooth headphones for those who do sports to smartwatches and fitness trackers more performing. There are also offers for Bluetooth speakers, to take to the beach or to the hotel to listen to your favourite music everywhere, even on vacation. And even battery chargers, both wireless and wired. Not to mention smart TVs, digital terrestrial decoders and sound bars.

Libero Tecnologia will publish in this section all the best offers of Prime Day 2021, so you can immediately find what you need at the lowest possible price and not miss a single deal.

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