Amazon Prime Day vs Black Friday: when to find the best deals

Amazon Prime Day will be held on October 13 and 14, while for Black Friday you have to wait until November 27: but when to find the best deals?

Between October and November there are two events dedicated to special discounts to mark in the calendar dedicated to those looking for deals and discounts for online shopping: the Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday, then followed by Cyber Monday. The dates have been set at October 13 and 14 for the former and November 27 and 30 for the other days of deals just before the arrival of Christmas.

Amazon Prime Day is a special deals event dedicated only to customers subscribed to the Prime service and usually held in July. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this year Amazon decided to postpone the day of discounts for Prime customers to the month of October. A postponement that has thus condensed two important events of saving opportunity for users, with the proximity to Black Friday. It could therefore arise the doubt of when to find the best deals, which also depends a lot on the type of purchases that users intend to make or on the types of products that they will find discounted.

Amazon Prime Day, what it is and how it works

The Prime Day of October 13 and 14 is an event that takes place in Italy for all subscribers to Amazon's service, which in addition to giving exclusive access to 36 hours of discounts, offers other benefits such as unlimited one-day deliveries, Prime Video, Prime Reading and Prime Gaming services, and even access to the Lightning Deals throughout the year.

This day dedicated to Prime customers reaches its sixth edition in 2020 and is usually held around mid-July, but this year it was postponed due to problems with the Covid-19 pandemic. The offers cover the entire Amazon Italy catalog, so there will be thousands of products at great prices and of particular interest are the "WOW" offers, with products at bargain prices but available in limited quantities. In addition, there will be only one WOW offer at a time, which may last even a few minutes.

The advice then for users is to eyeball the products that interest them, perhaps including them in their wish list, and check periodically in the days of Prime Day if the price is favorable and thus proceed to purchase.

Black Friday, what is it and how it works

Black Friday is a recurrence of discounts whose date falls between November 22 and 28, just after Thanksgiving in the United States. Over the years, the tradition of offers before Christmas has also arrived in Italy and for 2020 the date is set for November 27. Discounts don't stop just on Friday, but continue throughout the weekend, arriving at midnight on Monday, renamed Cyber Monday, with offers dedicated mainly to hi-tech products, including electronics and computers.

Prime Day vs Black Friday: which is more convenient?

The two days of discounts in 2020 arrive at a short distance from each other. Amazon has already stated that Prime Day deals will be equal or at most better than Black Friday deals, and any other promotions through the end of the year. In addition, some of the offers for Prime customers are already active and will remain so until October 14, where there could be further discounts.

The main difference between Prime Day and Black Friday therefore also consists in the duration: the 36 hours of Amazon's event, versus the 4 days of discounts from the last Friday in November until the following Monday. If on the one hand you have more time to find the products on offer during Black Friday, the risk is the same for both events: the longer you wait, the more you risk that the stock of the item you wanted to buy runs out, thus remaining with nothing in hand.

Another difference between the two concerns the number of participating retailers: Prime Day only affects Amazon and only for the country where it is held, while Black Friday is a global event, with discounts in both physical and online stores. So all that's left to do is wait for the upcoming events, perhaps already making a list of the products we're interested in, in order to arrive prepared and catch the offer we want.

Those who are not yet subscribed to Amazon Prime, can activate their 30-day trial subscription for free by clicking here.