Amazon Prime Music, the service to listen to music for free online

Amazon is launching the new Prime Music service, a free catalog for streaming and downloading music available to users subscribed to Prime

Amazon has announced the arrival of Prime Music, a new music streaming service accessible to all customers subscribed to Amazon Prime in Italy. With Prime Music you will be able to listen to free music online thanks to a database composed of over 2 million tracks.

Prime Music thus joins the subscription streaming service Amazon Music Unlimited, launched by the famous e-commerce already in 2017. Prime Music works slightly differently, however. With Prime Music, in fact, Amazon Prime customers will be able to listen to up to 40 hours of music every month, without ads and at no additional cost. On the contrary, with Music Unlimited there are no listening limits. In the Prime Music catalog, users will find the best of Italian and international music, selected from over 50 million tracks available on Music Unlimited.

How to listen to free music on Amazon Prime Music

In addition to the 40 hours of free music online and Prime Radio, Amazon Prime customers will also have access to numerous playlists created by artists, fans and music critics. The playlists will be categorized by genres, trends, countries and so on. With Prime Music, Prime customers can choose to listen to music in any way they want. Songs and albums, in fact, can be chosen individually and listened to multiple times. Music is available for streaming but also for downloading, on mobile devices. This allows Amazon Prime customers to access their favorite songs even if they don't have an internet connection. Prime Music is available through the Amazon Music app on Android, iOS, PC and Mac, as well as Fire tablets, Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. Those who have done the 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime will also be able to test Amazon Prime Music.