Amazon Prime, the subscription increases to 36 euros

From April 4, the annual subscription to Amazon Prime goes from 19.99 euros to 36 euros. Also coming is the monthly subscription at 4.99 euros

The news was in the air for some time, but now it's official: from April 4 the cost of the annual subscription to Amazon Prime goes from 19.99 euros to 36 euros. Italy was one of the few countries where the service still had a cost of 19.99 euros, while in the rest of the world (excluding Spain where it remains at 19.99 euros, since it was launched recently) was much higher (in the United States the annual subscription costs $ 99, but the services are greater).

The increase in the price of Amazon Prime does not include the arrival of additional services for users: for the moment they remain the same (lately Twitch Prime has been added, a service dedicated to gamers that allows them to have discounts on the purchase of games and get rewards on the Twitch platform). In addition to increasing Amazon Prime's annual subscription from 19.99 euros to 36 euros (3 euros per month), Amazon has announced the possibility for users to subscribe monthly to Amazon Prime at a cost of 4.99 euros. You will have access to the same kind of services as the annual subscription. This kind of offer is very useful especially during the Christmas period or during Black Friday, when users buy more than one product on Amazon.

What Amazon Prime offers

In the beginning Amazon Prime in Italy only offered guaranteed one-day delivery for about two million items and 2-3 day shipping for almost all others. But over the years, the services that Prime users benefit from have increased. An Amazon Prime subscription includes one-day shipping; access to Amazon Prime Video, the streaming video service that offers exclusive TV series such as McMafia, Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel; access to Amazon Photos, a cloud service where you can upload all your photos; Lightning Deals; and the ability to participate in Black Friday, Prime Day and Cyber Monday. In addition, Twitch Prime, a service aimed at video game fans, was also added recently.

When Amazon Prime increases

The Amazon Prime subscription increase will kick in on April 4 for all new users. For those who are already Amazon Prime subscribers, the increase will be delayed until May 4. The conditions of use will not change: it will be possible to withdraw the subscription at any time.