Amazon Prime Video, all the news for July 2020

Lots of news in July on Amazon Prime Video: from exclusive Italian movies to hit American series such as Mad Men and Modern Family

Summer is getting into full swing and it does so also with a flurry of streaming news designed for all fans of movies and TV series. Amazon Prime Video has in fact published the list of content that will be released in July 2020. As always, it will be a period full of interesting titles from all points of view: users will be able to find movies and TV series of all genres and suitable for different audiences.

It starts already from July 1 with several Italian feature films, such as the acclaimed 18 Gifts or the new comedy distributed by Prime Video "It's for your own good". Throughout the month it will be possible to watch or re-watch some of the cult films released in the past, from Shakespeare in Love to Fast & Furious. The list of TV series is also very long, and even in this case there will be no shortage of original productions or the complete seasons of series that have gone down in history, such as X-Filex or Mad Men.

Amazon Prime Video: July 2020 movies

The programming will start on July 2 with the Italian comedy È per il tuo bene, directed by Rolando Ravello, with a really interesting cast: Marco Giallini, Vincenzo Salemme, Giuseppe Battiston, Claudia Pandolfi, Valentina Lodovini, Isabella Ferrari and many others. The film is distributed by Medusa Film and Amazon Prime Video. It's about three Italian fathers who are struggling to cope with the emancipation of their daughters, the three will try to get rid of their daughters' boyfriends, however, risking to wreck their own marriages.

Those who love Italian productions will also enjoy the drama film 18 Regali, available on Prime Video starting July 6. Released in theaters the first months of 2020, it is directed by Francesco Amato and inspired by the true story of Elisa Girotto, a woman who became pregnant realizes she has a tumor and will not be able to know her daughter Anna. Elisa decides to give her a present every year on her birthday, until she turns 18. For Anna this is an inconvenience and every year she experiences her birthday and the opening of her mother's gift badly. On her 18th birthday she decides to defect and runs away, but gets run over. When she gets up she realizes that the driver of the car is her mom Elisa who is pregnant with her (we are in a kind of parallel world). The two will then get to know each other and Anna will finally be able to defeat the ghosts that have always accompanied the figure of her mother. In the film we find an exceptional Italian cast, from Vittoria Puccini (Elisa) to Benedetta Porcaroli (Anna) and Edoardo Leo, who plays Alessio, Anna's father.

Among the international films already famous are L'Altra Donna del Re, Shakespeare in Love, Fast & Furious, all coming out on July 1st. The little ones will instead enjoy The Grinch, available from July 20.

Amazon Prime Video: TV series of July 2020

On July 3, new episodes of the TV series Hanna will arrive. The second season once again focuses on Hanna (Esme Miles) who will try to save her best friend Clara from the murderous Utrax program. Hanna will begin to question what her path is and will receive help from several characters she meets on her way, including CIA agent Marissa Wiegler.

Another highly anticipated TV series is the third season of Absentia. In the new episodes, Special Agent Emily Byrne (Stana Katic) will find herself involved in a new international case that she will have to face together with her ex-husband, trying to save him in every way and find a solution to solve the conspiracy. Episodes will be available in original language with Italian subtitles.

On July 1, the 5 seasons of American Horror Story, the 6 seasons of Glee, the Mad Men series and Modern Family will also be released. Vintage lovers will be able to see X-File, available starting July 7. The first season of Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior will also be released on July 6. While the first season of The Fix will be released on July 13. In short, the list is really long.

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