Amazon Prime Video not working today, what’s happening

As of 9pm on May 7, 2019 Amazon Prime Video is not working on Android and from PC. Unknown the cause of the problem. Here's what's happening

A peculiar night for Amazon Prime Video users: the on-demand streaming service is working hiccups and in many cases it's not going. Since 21:00 on May 7, 2019, many users have started reporting Amazon Prime Video down: to some the Android app doesn't start, to others the smart TV app, while to other users still Amazon Prime Video doesn't work from the PC.

The causes of the malfunction of the video streaming platform are not known, but most likely it's some server issue. Users who try to log in to the Android app are greeted by this message "TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE", while from the computer this announcement appears "Video unavailable. A problem occurred while playing the video". There are hundreds of reports from users who in these minutes are unable to access Amazon Prime Video to watch their favorite TV series. We will follow the situation and keep you updated.

Why Amazon Prime Video is not working

The causes of the Amazon Prime Video downtime are not known. Although in reality, the platform is not completely offline: on some operating systems and devices it works perfectly. For example, we tried to watch an episode of a TV series from an Android smartphone and computer and couldn't get the video to play, while from the iOS tablet we found no problems.

Other users have also experienced the same kind of problem, a sign that the malfunction only characterizes certain types of platforms and devices. For the moment, the Seattle-based company has not released any information, but in the coming hours we'll surely know more. We'll monitor the situation and keep you updated.