Amazon Prime Video: the best Christmas movies to watch in streaming

The holiday season is just around the corner, so why not celebrate it with lots of themed films? Amazon's platform gives away many titles, many perfect for kids and teens

Now we're in the thick of it: December has begun and the holiday season is upon us. This is the month of gifts, emotions and magic. So why not crown it with lots of great movies to watch in the coming weeks? The streaming platforms really offer a lot of titles.

Amazon Prime Video for the occasion has created the section "Christmas Movies" that can be reached by accessing the main page and scrolling along the different categories. Here you can find many titles perfect for this period: from the funny comedies of Aldo Giovanni e Giacomo, to classic movies like The Grinch. There are also, of course, animated films and films suitable for children and young people, the real protagonists of this period. While waiting for theaters to reopen, you can organize an evening at home with the whole family: all you need is a comfortable sofa, popcorn and a movie to watch together. Here are some titles available on Prime Video.

Amazon Prime Video: Christmas movies for kids and teens

We start with a roundup of titles suitable for everyone. Among the movies to watch every year stands out The Grinch, cult film of the 2000s with Jim Carrey in the title role. It tells the story of a creature who hates Christmas, but in the course of the adventure will be infected by its magic.

Festive Tables is a film starring Denny De Vito released in 2006 and follows the events related to a competition of Christmas decorations and in particular the fight between Steve and Buddy for the most beautiful decoration in the neighborhood.

The Nutcracker is ideal for the whole family: it tells the story of little Marie who, after receiving a nutcracker as a Christmas present, begins to dream of a magical world and an extraordinary adventure.

Mariah Carey's - All I want for Christmas is you is an animated film based on the Christmas song of the same name performed by singer Mariah Carey. It tells the story of the wonderful friendship between Mariah and her puppy.

There are many other movies starring animals and will be particularly appreciated by children: A Moose under the Tree, The 12 Christmas Dogs, Shelby - the dog who saved Christmas and others.

There are also many Amazon Original movies to watch at Christmas and not: from The Snowy Day to the adventures of Gruffalò.

Finally, there are numerous Christmas novelties coming in December on Prime Video: 10 Days with Santa Claus will be available on December 4, but also The Secret Garden, which will be broadcast from December 18 in streaming.

Amazon Prime Video: other movies to watch at Christmas

Those who want to enjoy a lonely evening in front of a nice Christmas movie have a really wide choice. There's no shortage of Italian comedies, such as Aldo Giovanni e Giacomo's Band of Santas or Checco Zalone's Quo Vado? La Pellicola.

Also, many romantic comedies are already available: one of the most famous is definitely Loveactually, but this is the perfect period to watch it again.

In short, the choice is really wide and you could even choose a different movie to watch per day, like a sort of streaming advent calendar.

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